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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
B&B Motor & Control Corp.,  Baco,  Baird & Tatlock,  Baldor, 
Balluff,  Balston,  Banner Engineering,  Barcopac,  Barden,  Baumer, 
Baumer Electric,  BBC,  Bbc Brown Boveri,  Beckhoff,  Belden,  Belfab,  Belling Lee, 
Belling Lee Ltd,  Belling-Lee,  Bellingham & Stanley Ltd., 
Bendix Dynapath,  Berger Lahr,  Berkleonics,  Beta Square,  Beta Squared, 
Bh8-0464-03,  Bi Technologies,  Bimba,  Binder,  Bio-Rad,  Bird,  Bird Electronic, 
Biscor,  Bishop Wisecarver,  Blomme,  Blondelle,  Blue Chip,  Blue White,  BOC, 
Bodine,  Bodine Electric Company,  Boiswood,  Bosch,  Bourns,  Bourns Trimpot, 
Branson,  Brecoflex,  Brecooflex,  Briskheat,  Britclips,  Britsh Electric Valve, 
Bronkhorst,  Brook Control Gear,  Brook Crompton,  Brooks Instruments, 
Brooks Mfg. Corps,  Brown Bouveri,  Brown Boveri, 
Brown Boveri Company (Bbc),  Bruce,  BSL,  BT,  BTI,  Burgess,  Burkert,  Burket,  Burndy, 
Burr Brown,  Burrell Pneumatic,  Buss,  Bussman,  Bussmann, 

NSH 33P Motor, Rotary Drive, 60A Photo of NSH33P.
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BX105-10 Switch, Emergency stop (turn to reset) IP65 Photo of BX10510.
BX153-02 Switch, Emergency stop, Pull, 40mm, IP65 Photo of BX15302.
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237 0220 01 Gas Atomiser Ring for information.
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31740A Motor, 90VDC, 2.4A, 125rpm, 20:1 Photo of 31740A.
GPP7453 Motor, 90VDC, 2.4A, 125rpm, 20:1 Photo of GPP7453.
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BES 516-396-E0-C Sensor, proximity, 10-30VDC Photo of BES516396E0C.
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93A Filter, uses element No. 050-05, 250psig Just In: Photo on request.
GRADE BX Filter, 100-12 BX (=99.99%@0.01uM) Photo of GRADEBX.
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SL1-5F Controller, SL15F 1636 FLUS Photo of SL15F.
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M113-10009-000-0-19 Thermocouple probe Photo of M11310009000019.
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28F6288 Bearing, 0.125/0.375x0.14 Series 618 Photo of 28F6288.
BAR100HDL Bearing, Precision Pair of, 10/26x8 Series 6000 Photo of BAR100HDL.
LP6 Bearing, Linear 16/10x22 Photo of LP6.
LSP6 Bearing, Linear 16/10x22 Photo of LSP6.
S418CHH7 Bearing, 0.125/0.25x01.9 3/6.4x2.75 Series 418 Photo of S418CHH7.
S814RHH7 Bearing, 12.5/6.25x4.75 Photo of S814RHH7.
SR 188 SS W Bearing, Ball Photo of SR188SSW.
SR133553 Bearing, 0.0937/0.1875x0.0937 Series 3332 Photo of SR133553.
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1FRS 12P1002 Switch, proximity Photo of 1FRS12P1002.
FZD 25N1001 Detector Wafer Baumer Electric FZD 25N1001 Photo of FZD25N1001.
UNDK 30U9112/S14 Sensor, Analogue, ultrasonic Photo of UNDK30U9112S14.
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ISV 220.50 CH-8500 Safety Relay 220V Photo of ISV22050.
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QUX 90 L2 AAT Motor (3 Phase) Photo of QUX90L2AAT.
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T 25 DM Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 1.3-1.9A, 500VAC,6A, (Brown Boveri T25DM) with DIN rail adaptor Photo of T25DM.
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BC8100 Bus Controller Photo of BC8100.
FC2001 PCB, PCI Field bus - Light bus card Photo of FC2001.
KL1124 Bus Module 4x Digital Input 5VDC Photo of KL1124.
KL2184 Bus Module 4x Digital Output 24VDC Photo of KL2184.
KL2612 Bus Module 2x relay 125VAC/30VDC Photo of KL2612.
KL3062 Bus Module 2x Analog Input. Single End Photo of KL3062.
KL3312 Bus Module 2x input for thermoelements Photo of KL3312.
KL4032 Bus Module 2x Analog Output Photo of KL4032.
KL9010 Bus End Terminal Photo of KL9010.
KL9190 Bus Module Voltage Supply terminal 230V Photo of KL9190.
KL9505 Bus Module Power Supply Terminal 24VDC Photo of KL9505.
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530-2809-01 Flat Ribbon Cable, Style 2651, 10way, 105C, 300V, AWM Photo of 530280901.
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07582 Bellows, hoop solid Photo of 07582.
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5935-99-913-1832 Sub-Miniature Coaxial Socket L1403/CS/Au Just In: Photo on request.
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PPF2136-1/01 Filter, IEC inlet, 250V 1A. With transient protection. Photo of PPF2136101.
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163 Filter, Radio Frequency Interference Just In: Photo on request.
L1436AP Plug, 3way, Right Angle, Free, (Level Sensor HOT DI/B) Photo of L1436AP.
L1904/3/FP Plug, 3way, Free Latching Audio Photo of L19043FP.
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223 Reflexometer Ring for information.
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MS3102E328S Connector, Military style 32way, Panel mounting Photo of MS3102E328S.
MS3106E24-10S Connector, Military style 7way, Panel mounting Photo of MS3106E2410S.
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RDM 50/12 G Motor, MOT STIX UL90 (07120)(690ma 4.2 ohm) Photo of RDM5012G.
RDM50/12G. M009.9517 Motor, stepper, 4.2ohms 690ma Ring for information.
VRDM 564/50 LNA Motor, 5 phase drive. Photo of VRDM56450LNA.
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CEA6A50X102T1 Power Supply Photo of CEA6A50X102T1.
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942-5018-301 PCB, PEN DS-1 Photo of 9425018301.
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644-6968-002 Stud. Sensor Mount Photo of 6446968002.
680-0088-013 Switch, micro, Magnetic, 513SS16 Photo of 6800088013.
680-0176-001 Wafer Sensor Power Skan A Matic T32001 Photo of 6800176001.
680-0207-001 Photmultiplier Tube Hamamatsu IP28 Photo of 6800207001.
682-0029-022 Air Cylinder Photo of 6820029022.
682-0081-005 Washer, Plain Nylon Photo of 6820081005.
682-0114-019 Multi Dial Selector Model15 Spectrol Photo of 6820114019.
682-0144-040 Pipe Mount Photo of 6820144040.
682-0144-048 Pipe Thread Photo of 6820144048.
682-0144-052 Quick Disconnect Female Connector Photo of 6820144052.
682-0211-013 Belt, Timing (Toothed belt) Photo of 6820211013.
682-0277-038 Hose Flexible 3" Ring for information.
682-0286-023 Cable, Assy Photo of 6820286023.
682-0306-003 Verin Swing-Arm Photo of 6820306003.
682-0306-005 Verin Finger Up/Down Photo of 6820306005.
682-0347-001 Screw, KEL-F Photo of 6820347001.
682-0347-005 Screw, Nylon Photo of 6820347005.
698-0143-004 Arm Transfer Photo of 6980143004.
698-0170-002 Bellows Pickup Photo of 6980170002.
698-0424-002 Thermal Plate Photo of 6980424002.
698-0795-002 Cable, Assy VAC Feedthrough Photo of 6980795002.
698-0796-001 Wafer Sensor Photo of 6980796001.
698-0801-002 PCB, digital interface Photo of 6980801002.
698-1759-002 Quartz Disc with Presision Holes and Recesses Photo of 6981759002.
698-1790-004 Quartz Cover Insulator Photo of 6981790004.
698-1791-004 Quartz Cover Insulator Ring for information.
698-1816-001 Magnet Receptacle Photo of 6981816001.
698-2055-001 Pin, Lift process Compact Air Products QJ82-106-B Photo of 6982055001.
698-2103-001 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge Varian 524-2. 0524-F2818-301 Photo of 6982103001.
698-2177-001 Insulator, Outer Ring, 232mm Diameter Photo of 6982177001.
698-2184-001 Long Shinh Tubing Just In: Photo on request.
698-2185-001 Long Shinh Tubing set of 8 Just In: Photo on request.
698-2468-001 Bite LM Seal Photo of 6982468001.
698-2481-002 Insulator, Inner Ring, 380mm Diameter Photo of 6982481002.
698-5938-001 Swing Arm Assy Photo of 6985938001.
698-5944-001 Helium Chuck Photo of 6985944001.
698-6032-001 LM Door Photo of 6986032001.
942-1098-001 Pin, Lift ASM Photo of 9421098001.
942-1228-001 Insulator, Bottom Chuck, 128mm Diameter Photo of 9421228001.
942-1964-001 Sensor Assembly 'Y' Photo of 9421964001.
942-2109-001 Magnet Rod Photo of 9422109001.
942-2149-001 Shaft 3/8" Diameter Photo of 9422149001.
942-2196-001 Insulator, Clamp Photo of 9422196001.
942-2202-001 Insulator, Bushing RF Photo of 9422202001.
942-2205-001 Ring, Lock Photo of 9422205001.
942-2440-001 Diffusion Plate Step, 143mm Diameter Photo of 9422440001.
942-5000-300 PCB, Servo Photo of 9425000300.
942-6218-001 Switch, Vacuum, Withman Controls Corp P117V-3N-K12L30-X Photo of 9426218001.
942-6220-001 Cable, Y Control Wafer Photo of 9426220001.
942-6413-001 Motor, Spinner Photo of 9426413001.
942-6508-001 Cable, RF Bottom Photo of 9426508001.
942-6509-001 Cable, RF Top Photo of 9426509001.
942-6528-002 Transfer Finger Cable Photo of 9426528002.
B01-4004-01 OMNI 20K P.M Kit Just In: Photo on request.
B01-4004-11 OMNI 20K P.M Kit Photo of B01400411.
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Part No. not known PCB FOR Canon PLA600, Autoloader Photo of Part No. not known.
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2696 Dial, Mechanism, 15 Turn, 46mm Dia, 6.35mm Shafts Photo of 2696.
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011-NR Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of 011NR.
012-D Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of 012D.
094-DX Cylinder, Air Photo of 094DX.
098-DX-2 Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of 098DX2.
D-27722-A-3 UK Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of D27722A3UK.
E25-125-N Jack Photo of E25125N.
FCP2 Accessories Photo of FCP2.
MRS -125-DKPZ-MK Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of MRS125DKPZMK.
MRS-041-DXPZ Cylinder, Air, Stainless Steel Photo of MRS041DXPZ.
RE D-35095-A Cylinder, Actuator, 5/16" bore, 1/2" stroke, pneumatic Photo of RED35095A.
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09-0129-70-12 Plug, 12way Cable Mount, 3A, 723 Series Photo of 0901297012.
09-0130-70-12 Socket, 12way Cable Mount, 3A, 723 series Photo of 0901307012.
09-0171-25-08 Plug, 8way Cable Mount, 5A, Series 723 Photo of 0901712508.
09-9748-00-03 Socket, 3way Cable Mounting, 3A, 719 Series Photo of 0997480003.
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4615001EO1 Rack, Vickers, N/S 6"X 6" Photo of 4615001EO1.
KM6702 Rack (toothed) Vickers E/W 6" Photo of KM6702.
KM6703 Rack, Vickers, 4"X 4" E/N Photo of KM6703.
KM6705 Rack, Vickers, 4"X 4" N/S Photo of KM6705.
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4025 Sensor, Directional Power, 3W to 10,000W, 100-2500Khz Photo of 4025.
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1000P Plug-in Element 1000W Photo of 1000P.
100H Slug, HF 100W Photo of 100H.
2500-H Slug, 2500W for Bird Type 43 Meter, 2-30MHz Photo of 2500H.
2500P Slug, 2500W for Bird Type 43 meter, 0.45 to 2.5MHz Photo of 2500P.
250H Slug, 250W for Bird Type 43 meter, 2-30MHz Photo of 250H.
4240-100 Connector Photo of 4240100.
8053N Coaxial Resistor 50R (50ohms) 10W 15219 Photo of 8053N.
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W1 DualVee Guide Wheel Photo of W1.
W188X DualVee Guide Wheel Photo of W188X.
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9310005 EB DM 3100N Voltmeter Photo of 9310005.
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3702000395 Refrigerant Manometer -1 to 10 Bar Photo of 3702000395.
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58048 Lever, for 7mm Shaft, Type 6815 Photo of 58048.
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GPM-LPM Flow Meter, 0-10GPM, 0-37LPM, Calqflo Photo of GPMLPM.
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0303-9351-0 Filament, SFIH -270 Photo of 030393510.
0417374EO1 Washer, HCL bottle BOC Photo of 0417374EO1.
1073-1025-0T Washer, # 10 Finishing -BLK Nylon Photo of 107310250T.
1123-1755-0 Screw, Cap, flathead 10-32 X ,5 Photo of 112317550.
1258-1800-0 Nut, KEP 1/4 -20 ZC Photo of 125818000.
1311-1250-0 Screw, flathead Photo of 131112500.
1321-1252-2 Screw, 6-32X .25 Photo of 132112522.
1321-1255-2 Screw, 6-32X .50 Photo of 132112552.
1322-1822-0T Screw, CAP HEX HD 1/4 -20 X 1,00SST Photo of 132218220T.
841235 Pressure regulator L200 Photo of 841235.
8444-0002-0 Kano Molyfilm Dry Film Lubricant spray can Ring for information.
851593 Regulator BOC450 HCL Only Just In: Photo on request.
852080 Regulator BOC450 SIH4 Only Photo of 852080.
853-636 Regulator Q959-100 Nitrogen Photo of 853636.
C105-12-401 Clamp, ring St/Steel NW16/10 Photo of C10512401.
C105-14-401 Clamp, Ring St/Steel NW25 Photo of C10514401.
C105-16-401 Clamp, ring St/Steel NW40 Photo of C10516401.
C10516287 NW40 ST/ST Flexible Connector 1000mm Just In: Photo on request.
EN ISO 2503 Regulator 300 bar Photo of ENISO2503.
L200-DS3 Regulator BOC SRX Nitrogen Just In: Photo on request.
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23T2BEHD Motor, Stepper 1.7V 4.7 200 Steps/rev 5/8"l * 1/4" Dia shaft 100oz-in torque Photo of 23T2BEHD.
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NSH-34RH Gear motor, 115VDC, 57rpm, Ratio 30:1 Photo of NSH34RH.
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NSH-12 R Motor, 115V 0.33A 1/50HP 1725RPM Gearmotor 6RPM 7lb-in torque Series 200 Photo of NSH12R.
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1103303 Valve, N2 1600, 60 PSIG, 1/4" Orifice, 115VAC, 50/60, 0.75A Photo of 1103303.
7824775EO1 Kit PM Schmaker M DOT MAJ Photo of 7824775EO1.
DV2-124-NC-DS Valve, Delta 24VDC Photo of DV2124NCDS.
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06-703340-11 Capacitor, 1uF Photo of 0670334011.
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1000-10K Potentiometer, 10K, AK9039X Photo of 100010K.
3303W-2-102E Potentiometer, surface mount, Cermet, 1K Photo of 3303W2102E.
3540S-001-201 Potentiometer, 200R, 5%, linear, 10 turn Photo of 3540S001201.
3590S-002-102 Potentiometer, 1K, 1%, 10 turn Photo of 3590S002102.
4816P-T01-330 Resistor, Network, SMT 8-isolated resistors, 33R Photo of 4816PT01330.
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3059Y-1-502M-5K Resistor, 5K0, 10%, Variable, Cermet Type, 100ppm Photo of 3059Y1502M5K.
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06-27055-00 Window, Quartz Just In: Photo on request.
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10T5/1570 W087 Belt, toothed, SORT Multitest, 10T5/1570 W087 Photo of 10T51570W087.
AT5/455 Belt, timing (toothed), 16x445x5 Photo of AT5455.
T5 575 PAZ Belt, toothed, T5 575 PAZ Photo of T5575PAZ.
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6T5/840 Belt, toothed, L=840mm x 168 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 6T5840.
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TMS211022 Heater Jacket, FG, 3"ID x 17.63" Just In: Photo on request.
VRN211004 Heater Jacket with Filter Photo of VRN211004.
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AC1000 T-Bar spring steel fasteners Photo of AC1000.
CR26 Cable Run Clip, A: 2-4mm : 6-7mm Photo of CR26.
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U1000A\10\75J Variable Vacuum Capacitor model U 1000A/10/75J, 10kV Just In: Photo on request.
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F-201CL-FB-99-V EL-FLOW Mass Flow Meter/Controller (S/N=881814 0A/S) Just In: Photo on request.
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S12 EM5 AC Motor Starter Photo of S12EM5.
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HPH5348NBH7AB Motor, Single phase 220-240V 3.6A 250W 1450RPM Photo of HPH5348NBH7AB.
HR0910 Contactor, 220-240VAC coil, 3 phase, 25A, + N/O auxil, DIN rail mounting Just In: Photo on request.
KP7575 (BS5000/11) Single Phase AC Motor, 1425rpm (250W, 220-240V, 3.6FLA, 50Hz, Themally Protected) Just In: Photo on request.
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110Z160BMA Orifice Photo of 110Z160BMA.
1303 Flowmeter Photo of 1303.
1350 D2D3A1A5B000 Flow Meter, Liquid, Sho Rate, 50-900 Photo of 1350D2D3A1A5B000.
1358 E1D1EA1D1A Flow Meter, Liquid, Sho rate Photo of 1358E1D1EA1D1A.
206891/1E Mass Flow Controller 5850E, 0,3-3, SIH2 CL2, 100 bar Photo of 2068911E.
375B015QTA O-Ring, 14x1.75, Viton Photo of 375B015QTA.
375B109QTA O-Ring, 7.59x2.62, Viton Photo of 375B109QTA.
375B906QTA O-Ring, 12x2 Viton Photo of 375B906QTA.
5850 TR10 MLN O2 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-10 mln/min 100bar O2 Photo of 5850TR10MLNO2.
5850 TR10 NML N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-10 nml/min 100bar N2 Photo of 5850TR10NMLN2.
5850 TR20 NML N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-20 nml/min 100bar N2 Photo of 5850TR20NMLN2.
5850D 0-1000SCCM N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-D SERIES 0-1000 SCCM N2, Nitrogen Photo of 5850D01000SCCMN2.
5850D 0-500SCCM N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-D SERIES 0-500 SCCM N2 (2 x ARGON Ar ?) Photo of 5850D0500SCCMN2.
5850D 200SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller, 5850-D SERIES 0-200SCCM N2 NITROGEN Photo of 5850D200SCCMN2.
5850E / A1C1B4A1 Mass Flow Controller 5850E, 30-300 mlst, H2, 100 BAR Photo of 5850EA1C1B4A1.
5850E 0-5SLPM N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-E Nitrogen 0-5 SLPM Photo of 5850E05SLPMN2.
5850E 20SLPM H2 Mass Flow Controller 5850E, Photo of 5850E20SLPMH2.
5850E 50SCCM AR Mass Flow Controller 5850E, 50 SCCM, Argon Photo of 5850E50SCCMAR.
5850E/B1A1B10 Mass Flow Controller 5850E, 0-1000 SCCM, N2 Photo of 5850EB1A1B10.
5850E7A1A1AAA1 Mass Flow Controller 5850E, 50 mlst/min, N2 Photo of 5850E7A1A1AAA1.
5850EC4BD3HB2A Mass Flow Fontroller, 5850E, Argon, 50 SCCM Photo of 5850EC4BD3HB2A.
5850EC4BE3KB2A Mass Flow Controller 5850E, Argon, 100 SCCM Photo of 5850EC4BE3KB2A.
5850TR Mass flow controller, 5850-TR Nitrogen 0-20 NMI/MIN Ring for information.
5850TR Mass flow controller, 5850-TR Nitrogen 0-20 NMI/MIN Ring for information.
5850TR 0-10mln/min 02 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-10 mln/min 100bar O2 Photo of 5850TR010mlnmin02.
5850TR 0-10nml/min N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-10 nml/min 100bar N2 Photo of 5850TR010nmlminN2.
5850TR 0-20nml/min N2 Mass flow controller, 5850-TR series 0-20 nml/min 100bar N2 Photo of 5850TR020nmlminN2.
5851-0-50SLPM H2 Mass Flow Controller 5851, 0-50 SLPM, H2 Photo of 5851050SLPMH2.
5851E/-1C1Z4A1 Mass Flow Controller 5851, 3-30 1st/min, H2, 100 bar Photo of 5851E1C1Z4A1.
5876 Mass Flow Controller 5876, 220V/50Hz Photo of 5876.
715Z046AAA Mounted Seal Photo of 715Z046AAA.
820Z073BBA Spring Photo of 820Z073BBA.
UFC-1100 20SCCM AR Mass flow controller,, UFC-1100, 20 SCCM, AR Photo of UFC110020SCCMAR.
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101 AD Extension box, USA 110V, 4 Socket, 15A Photo of 101AD.
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B12-40-00 220VAC Contactor, 220VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting Photo of B124000220VAC.
B12-40-00 220VAC Contactor, 220VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting Photo of B124000220VAC.
B12-40-00 24VAC Contactor, 24VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting, used for pump in EPC201, with ROS 8 DM (ROS8DM) Photo of B12400024VAC.
B25-40-00 Contactor, 24-28VAC coil. 3phase, 600VAC, 45A, +1 auxiliary 10A contact, DIN rail mounting Photo of B254000.
IOS 20 40 Contactor, 24VAC coil, 600V, 20A, CT 76 N 182 R1 Photo of IOS2040.
X125 Contactor, 220VAC coil, 3phase, 600VAC, 160A, +2 NO + 1 NO 40A auxiliary Photo of X125.
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FD 57342 DC Servo Motor Photo of FD57342.
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ROS 8 DM 124 Relay, Thermal (Overload), 1.6-2.4Amps, 3 phase. Photo of ROS8DM124.
T 85 DM Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 17-29A, 600VAC,70A Photo of T85DM.
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0016A02 Thermocouple "KPS/S" D Photo of 0016A02.
100761116 Clamp, ISO 160 Photo of 100761116.
2171968 Sensor, current, torch controller Photo of 2171968.
2171974 SCR module Torch controller, Model R40A Photo of 2171974.
3161721 PCB, Solenoid, board VCVD Photo of 3161721.
3520033 Shell, Plug/Socket 4way Photo of 3520033.
352388 PCA assembly extender FR Photo of 352388.
4019503 Chamber, torch Photo of 4019503.
4120718 Dual Torch Power Unit Photo of 4120718.
6220022 Valve, 170 ORF Photo of 6220022.
7528419 Flow meter, N2 Purge Photo of 7528419.
7534046 Throttle, Valve control Ring for information.
7742215 Trap, SS particle Ring for information.
9003971-00 Flow meter (water) Photo of 900397100.
9011490 I/A 8107 55X VCVD Elec Just In: Photo on request.
9012261 I/A 7618A Dual Torch Just In: Photo on request.
9015783 PSU Torch control Ring for information.
9210501 Pressure transducer, Model AB Photo of 9210501.
9870340 Vacuum System ControllersV-CVD Series 8100 &8104c Photo of 9870340.
G010001 Mesh Wire For Particle Just In: Photo on request.
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BS 164 O-Ring, 158.42x2.62 Polyurethane Just In: Photo on request.
BS 223 O-Ring, 40.87x3.53 Silicone Photo of BS223.
BS 435 O-Ring, 145.42x6.99 Silicone (LPCVD Collar) Photo of BS435.
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292089 Network Terminating Units, 240V, 50Hz, 8W, GG030193N Photo of 292089.
818587 Kilostream Network Terminating Units Photo of 818587.
N.T.U. 6A/2 Network Terminating Units Photo of NTU6A2.
NTU 8A/2 Network Terminating Units, 240V, 50Hz, 8W, GG030193N Photo of NTU8A2.
U-502-3000-004 Kilostream X-Stream Case No.1A, serial no. h27628 Photo of U5023000004.
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3161525 PCB, BTI Analog I/O 55X 8115 V16 Photo of 3161525.
3161931 PCB, BTI 7680 B/L Micro, various versions Photo of 3161931.
PS3161722V01 PCB, BTI Solenoid Driver BD1 V01 Photo of PS3161722V01.
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GVCSP-GVAB Switch, micro Photo of GVCSPGVAB.
GVCSPYR1 Switch, micro Photo of GVCSPYR1.
M1-MC-AA-AE Switch, Key, with Key, 2-Pole, Change-over Photo of M1MCAAAE.
TH548136000 Switch, Key, IP65 Keylock Removable "OFF" Photo of TH548136000.
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044511R Valve, Solenoid, 24/50 Burkert 0425388 Photo of 044511R.
050472C Valve, Solenoid, G1/8 220VAC 2.5~10Bar Photo of 050472C.
420-G-03.0-B-PA-F-000 Valve, Solenoid, G1/8 220VAC 2.5~10Bar Photo of 420G030BPAF000.
420-G-SL6/4 Valve, Solenoid, 24V 50-60Hz Coil Photo of 420GSL64.
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420/G Coil, 24V 50Hz Photo of 420G.
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UTG 61412 SN Shell, 12way Photo of UTG61412SN.
UTG14AC Hood AC Basic 12way Photo of UTG14AC.
UTG6104SN Plug, shell Photo of UTG6104SN.
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3573AM Module, Amplifier Photo of 3573AM.
ADC82AG Digital/Analog Converter, 24-pin Ceramic Photo of ADC82AG.
DAC800 8-bit HS Digital/Analog Converter 24-PIN Cermaic Photo of DAC800.
DAC82BM Digital/Analog Converter Metal Photo of DAC82BM.
DIV 100K IC, Analog divider Photo of DIV100K.
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AA932 Gasket, cover ASECO VAC PU Photo of AA932.
AG293 Plate, wear ASECO Vac pump Photo of AG293.
K219 Kit, repair, K219 ASECO Ring for information.
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ABC-15 Fuse, 15A 250V Photo of ABC15.
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BAO50 Fuse, 25A, A3 HRC Photo of BAO50.
BBS 15 Fuse, 15A, "minature" (see photo) Photo of BBS15.
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40FE Fuse, HRC High Speed. 40A Photo of 40FE.
ABU-30 Fuse, 30A Photo of ABU30.
FNA10 Fuse, Dual Element 10kA 125VAC Photo of FNA10.
FNQ10 Fuse, Time Delay, 10kA, 500V Photo of FNQ10.
FWX-35A Fuse, semi-conductor Photo of FWX35A.
REN 40 Fuse, 40A, Super Lag Renewable Fuse Photo of REN40.
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