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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
F + K Zahnrader Gmbh,  Fabco-Air,  Fabco-Air Inc.,  Fafnir, 
Fair-Rite Products,  Fairchild,  Farnell,  Federal Products,  Fel,  Fenner,  Ferraz, 
Ferraz Shawmet,  Ferraz Shawmut,  Ferrofluidics,  Ferrotec Ap&T,  Festo, 
Festo Filter,  Fico,  Filotex,  Fincor Incom Int.,  Finder,  Finite Filter, 

NA 030 L Gearbox, 23.581 Photo of NA030L.
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64741 Cylinder, 1/2" Stroke FS064 D121X D 121 X Pancake Photo of 64741.
C-5-X Cylinder, input lift Photo of C5X.
FPS-754-R Cylinder, Air (mini Pancake cylinder) Photo of FPS754R.
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A 221 X Assembly, Chuck 300XP Photo of A221X.
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REP3MR3 FS464 Bearing, rod end, L/hand, ASECO Binn Photo of REP3MR3FS464.
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2664000101 Bead, Ferrite Photo of 2664000101.
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4029BPC IC, 16-pin DIL cmos, Binary/Decade Up/Down Counter Photo of 4029BPC.
70B Mini Regulator, 8939636, input 250psi max, o/p 0-60psi Photo of 70B.
7408 IC, Quad 2 input AND gate, 14pin DIL Photo of 7408.
CD40106BE IC, CMOS, Hex Schmitt trigger Photo of CD40106BE.
F9368PC IC, DIL 7-segment decoder/driver Photo of F9368PC.
LED55B Infra-red emitter, TIL31 Photo of LED55B.
OPB865N51 Sensor, optical. index DETE Photo of OPB865N51.
UA9614DC IC, Line Driver, 16-pin Photo of UA9614DC.
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051323F Relay, DNS interlock Photo of 051323F.
059075X Socket, Textool, 20 pin Photo of 059075X.
072537H Resistor, 180K, 2W Photo of 072537H.
101-602 Type 55: spindle/coupler Photo of 101602.
101-7298 Heat shrink tubing, HS114:BLK 10M SIZE 1/8" G Photo of 1017298.
101-7300 Heat shrink tubing, HS115:BLK 10M SIZE 3/16" G Photo of 1017300.
101-7301 Heat shrink tubing, HS116:BLK 10M SIZE 1/4" G Photo of 1017301.
101-7302 Heat shrink tubing, HS117:BLK 10M SIZE 5/16" G Photo of 1017302.
103-459 Switch, micro, Long lever. Photo of 103459.
105-053 Suppressor, R/C network, 0.1uF + 120ohm (120R) Photo of 105053.
105-582 Hood AC Basic 12way Photo of 105582.
105335 Plug, shell Photo of 105335.
106-477 Potentiometer, 10K with Switch (EKS110 Emission control pot) Photo of 106477.
109-318 Resistor, 10K, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
112-525 Crystal Oscillator, X359D, 30Mhz Just In: Photo on request.
125C-2 Relay, DIL 349-399 Megatest Ring for information.
1363358 Backshell/Cable Clamp Photo of 1363358.
141-229 Lens, White Photo of 141229.
141-230 Lens, Red Photo of 141230.
141-551 Grommet, Strip Size 3 Natural Colour Photo of 141551.
145-199 Actuator, switch, green Photo of 145199.
145-207 Bezel, Switch alarm test Photo of 145207.
146-033 Mechanism 30 degrees indexing Photo of 146033.
146-034 Wafer 1P 12W Photo of 146034.
146-122 Fuse, Thermal, 5A, 250V, 187deg C. Photo of 146122.
146-388 Switch, Alarm test, hot DI/B Photo of 146388.
146-395 Switch, actuator blue hot D Photo of 146395.
146-396 Bezel Switch, on/off alarm Photo of 146396.
147-080 Fuse, Thermal, 3A, 230V, 80deg C. Photo of 147080.
147-081 Fuse, Thermal, 5A, 250V, 95deg C. Photo of 147081.
147-545 Power Supply, Controller HO Photo of 147545.
1478748 Plug, Circular, Size 20, 17way, Panel Mount Photo of 1478748.
148-984 Resistor, network, 10Kx8, through hole mounting Photo of 148984.
149-047 Buzzer, PCB Hot DI/Bubbler Photo of 149047.
149-967 Transformer, PCB Controller Photo of 149967.
150-235 Terminal Marker, 5x5mm, sheets of 100 Photo of 150235.
156-632 Capacitor, 22uF, 35V, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
170-216 Display, 7 Segement, Red Led MAN74 Photo of 170216.
175-297 Timer, 3-601Secs Tank Devel Photo of 175297.
175-355 Isolator, On/Off Tank Devel Photo of 175355.
175-452 Body + N/C contact SW21 TA Photo of 175452.
175-460 Switch, contact N/C SW21 tank Deve Photo of 175460.
218-3341-00-0605 Socket, Textool, 18-pin DIL Photo of 2183341000605.
221-442 IC, Crystal Oscillator, SG531P8MHZ Just In: Photo on request.
245-196 Switch, Actuator Red Hot DI Photo of 245196.
246-1952 Rubber Sheet, neoprene Photo of 2461952.
279-973 Photoswitch transmitter Photo of 279973.
279-985 Photoswitch receiver Photo of 279985.
301-1999 IC, Transceiver, RS485/RS422, SMD, 1486 Just In: Photo on request.
301-9690 Capacitor, 3n9F, 50V, surface mount 0805 Just In: Photo on request.
301-9780 Capacitor, 15nF, 25V, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
305-3430 Heat Resisting Black Braid Sleeve 4mm Photo of 3053430.
315-9413 Lamp, T5.5 24V 50mA Telephone slide 30mm Photo of 3159413.
320-900 Cap, black Photo of 320900.
327-8864 Resistor, 2M2, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Photo of 3278864.
327-8876 Resistor, 4M7, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
340-8097 Busbar, 3way 6-Pole Moeller FAZ-XIS 3/6 Photo of 3408097.
350-102 Potentiometer, 100K, long 1/4" shaft Photo of 350102.
350-126 Potentiometer, 470K, long 1/4" shaft Photo of 350126.
403-600 IC, Octal Transciever, DIL, DS75160AN Photo of 403600.
403-611 IC, Octal Transciever, DIL, DS75161AN Photo of 403611.
407-136 IC, ICL232CBE - Dual transciever (RS232), SMD, SOIC16 Just In: Photo on request.
427-342 Socket, chasis for Omron Photo of 427342.
463-012 Shell, Die Cast for 9way D-Type Plug/Socket Photo of 463012.
463-050 Diecast backshield Photo of 463050.
472-944 Header, 2rows of 36way 0,1" pitch. Photo of 472944.
488-057 340 Deg Terminal 1-2 6xM5 Pack of 5 Photo of 488057.
498-609 Capacitor, 220pF, 100V, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
499-171 Capacitor, 100pF, 100V, surface mount 0805 Just In: Photo on request.
499-687 Capacitor, 100nF (0.1uF), 50V, surface mount 0805 Just In: Photo on request.
511-705 Header, 1row of 2way 0,1" pitch. Just In: Photo on request.
511-754 Header, 1row of 8way 0,1" pitch. Photo of 511754.
511-808 Header, 2rows of 5way 0,1" pitch. Photo of 511808.
511-811 Header, 2rows of 8way 0,1" pitch. Just In: Photo on request.
513-866 Resistor, 220R, 1%, 0.125W Photo of 513866.
514-020 Resistor, 1K, 1%, 0.125W Photo of 514020.
514-263 Resistor, 10K, 1%, 0.125W Photo of 514263.
514-482 Resistor, 82K, 1%, 0.125W Photo of 514482.
521-875 Switch, micro Photo of 521875.
542-805 Busbar, 6way Moeller B1/6-FAZ Photo of 542805.
542-817 Busbar, 12way Moeller B1/12-FAZ Photo of 542817.
542-829 Busbar, 6way 2-pole Moeller B2/6-FAZ Photo of 542829.
542-830 Busbar, 2way 12-Pole Moeller B2/12FAZ Photo of 542830.
542-866 Terminal busbar 25mm Photo of 542866.
593-138 Shell for 28way Socket Photo of 593138.
644-663 Grey handles 2U Photo of 644663.
659-150 Plug, 5way, free Photo of 659150.
677-322 Busbar feeder terminal. Moeller Photo of 677322.
701-4995 Adaptor, straight, 10mm x 3/8 Photo of 7014995.
701-5847 Parallel Y Connector 10mm, Norgren Pneufit Photo of 7015847.
707-0676 Screw, M4x12 Nylon cheesehead for Red Box Photo of 7070676.
721-4870 Flexible Coupling Photo of 7214870.
731P Plug, 3way, Heater o/p hot DI/BUB Photo of 731P.
755-590 Capacitor, 220pF, 50V, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
755-680 Capacitor, 1nF, 50V, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
755-849 Capacitor, 100nF 50V B37941K5104K62, surface mount Photo of 755849.
778-795 Fibre optic modem and AC adaptor greenwich instruments RS232C Photo of 778795.
793-668 EEPROM SERIAL 1K, 93LC46, SOIC8 Typ: 93LC46B/SN Just In: Photo on request.
799-166 Fuse, 20mm. Ceramic. 6.3A Antisurge Just In: Photo on request.
816-322 Potentiometer, 100 ohm Photo of 816322.
896-123 Resistor, 390R (390ohms), 2W, Metal Film. Just In: Photo on request.
9427031 Plug, 3way, Right Angle, Free, (Level Sensor HOT DI/B) Photo of 9427031.
945-2567 Capacitor, 100uF 6.3V, MCMR6V3107M6 3X7 Just In: Photo on request.
956-1846 Relay, Reed, 12VDC, SPNO (1pole NO), 500mA@240VAC, DIL Photo of 9561846.
960-9679 Potentiometer, 5K, 20 turn Trimmer panel or pcb mount Photo of 9609679.
963-318 Socket, IDC 50way, Cable Mounting Photo of 963318.
FX4008 Inductor, HSCMOS SCRAMB Photo of FX4008.
L1436DS Plug, 3way, chassis mounting. Level sensor Photo of L1436DS.
LF256H IC, JFET Input Operational Amplifier Photo of LF256H.
MC1468L IC, MC1468L Thermco control Photo of MC1468L.
P730S Socket, Heator O/P HOT DI/B Photo of P730S.
SCX100DN Sensor, Quaestor N2 Pressure Photo of SCX100DN.
SCX30DN Sensor, Quaestor Vacuum Photo of SCX30DN.
XE1201 Suppressor, R/C network, 0.1uF + 120ohm (120R) Photo of XE1201.
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EAS-2216-KYA Amplifier Unit, 4 Channel Photo of EAS2216KYA.
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FEL 032.1010 Fuse, holder, with lamp, 200-500V 10A Photo of FEL0321010.
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Z850 V Belt Q1 Photo of Z850.
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R 82447 Fuse Holder, 6,6 URGF, 14/40A, 660VAC, 40A Photo of R82447.
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188-8003 Fuse, 660V ac25A L330014 Photo of 1888003.
W094779 PROTISTOR 660VAC, 50A Photo of W094779.
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Z217211 Fuse Holder NH 00 - E Photo of Z217211.
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ST10 Fuse holder, 690V 32A, Din rail mounting Just In: Photo on request.
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1-950002 Cable, Earth 2.5m Photo of 1950002.
56A 108093 Seal Photo of 56A108093.
VSG 803 Rotary Feedthrough, 1", Ferrafludic, 8cc Photo of VSG803.
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1-44 08 50 Gun Rotation Card Photo of 1440850.
Magnet Card PCB, Magnet Card Photo of MagnetCard.
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0FSW-32 Oil Cleaning HEA Ring for information.
1028510 Micro Valve Manifold VIMP-MICRO-QS-4-12 24VDC Photo of 1028510.
12 908 Valve, Solenoid, Manual over-ride on/off, Comp air start up valve for delay, F902 Photo of 12908.
12413 Pneumatic Actuator Photo of 12413.
12424 Piston, Pneumatic Photo of 12424.
150026 Filter, Reducer 2 Just In: Photo on request.
15877 Doubele Connection E-M3- Photo of 15877.
19527 Tee Piece 15882 Photo of 19527.
34347 Connector, RDV /B Photo of 34347.
3620 Cylinder, upper Singulator Photo of 3620.
3R M5 Valve, flow control, 0.5-10bar Photo of 3RM5.
4233 Valve, VL/0-3-PK-3 Photo of 4233.
BMFH-2-3-M5 Valve, Air, BMFH 2 3 MS MUL Photo of BMFH23M5.
DGO-16-220-PPV-A Pneumatic Linear Drive Photo of DGO16220PPVA.
DGO-578-PPV-AB Pneumatic Linear Drive 8 1/4" Photo of DGO578PPVAB.
DSN-25-25-PPV Cylinder, Max. 10Bar/150PSI, Trim Photo of DSN2525PPV.
DSNN-20-25 PA Air Cyclinder Photo of DSNN2025PA.
E-M5-1/8-4138 Nipple, double trim form Photo of EM5184138.
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3528766EO1 Filter, 280 Photo of 3528766EO1.
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KD-M5 Connector, Air contactor Multitest Photo of KDM5.
KD-M5 FESTO Contactor, air Photo of KDM5FESTO.
MFH-3-1/8 Valve, defrost, type 7802 Photo of MFH318.
MFHE-3-3/8 Valve, Solenoid, Manual over-ride on/off, Comp air start up valve for delay, F902 Photo of MFHE338.
MSN1G24V123060 Valve, Soft Start, PN Photo of MSN1G24V123060.
SG-M4-6532 Rod, Clevis trim form Photo of SGM46532.
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1890000123 Plunger, overmold Photo of 1890000123.
1896249096 Sleeve, overmold Photo of 1896249096.
4552086 Keyboard 280 Photo of 4552086.
4806941 Filter, vanishing Photo of 4806941.
5000188 Plate, breaking Photo of 5000188.
5001768 Filter, 0263-PE-1 Photo of 5001768.
5082395 Cord Transport TFM O Photo of 5082395.
5082481 Cord Transport Photo of 5082481.
9181513 Spring, Compression SEP TOO Photo of 9181513.
9187107 E-Clip DIN6799 RA8.0 (TFX Load) Photo of 9187107.
9307724 O-Ring, 20.35x1.78, Viton Photo of 9307724.
9412711 Dustbag, 8.5" inner diameter Photo of 9412711.
9430062 Valve, 6W, 24VDC, Vacuum to 150 psi Photo of 9430062.
9501603 Filter, element R Photo of 9501603.
9501606 Filter, element T Photo of 9501606.
9501613 Filter, element F Photo of 9501613.
9501615 Filter, Air Relea Photo of 9501615.
9501621 Filter, Air Relea Photo of 9501621.
950612 Filter, element F Photo of 950612.
9600535 Amplifier, TFM, 12-24VDC, 2M, Photo of 9600535.
9616318 Sensor, TFM/TFX E3C-S30W Photo of 9616318.
9616321 Sensor, E3C-S10 Just In: Photo on request.
9616323 Switch, Photo-electric, Sender/Receiver Photo of 9616323.
9616810 Shell, Connector 21way Amphenol Photo of 9616810.
9631013 Switch, proximity Photo of 9631013.
9631017 Switch, proximity, IFR 0526 Photo of 9631017.
9631018 Switch, proximity, 1FR Photo of 9631018.
9631045 Switch, proximity Photo of 9631045.
9631051 Switch, proximity, SMT3PS Photo of 9631051.
9631070 Switch, proximity, BIM-PST-AP6X-V1131 Photo of 9631070.
9631087 Switch, proximity, Cable Photo of 9631087.
9631091 Cable for Proximity Switch Photo of 9631091.
9631096 Cable for Proximity Switch Photo of 9631096.
9631097 Cable for Proximity Switch Photo of 9631097.
9632456 Amplifier, cable fiber-optic (fibreoptic), with cutter Photo of 9632456.
9632457 Optic (Fibre/thru-SC) , Photo electric Switch, E32 Photo of 9632457.
9632458 Lens, Optic Photo of 9632458.
9632921 Switch, Interlock, TFM door Photo of 9632921.
9632931 Switch, Interlock, Topcover, 600VAC, 10A Photo of 9632931.
9633170 Relay, TFM GS4P Photo of 9633170.
9640532 Motor, Stepper, TFM, 4.5v, 3.0A, 200 steps/rev. Photo of 9640532.
9642005 Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn left Photo of 9642005.
9642006 Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn right Photo of 9642006.
PRM-010A18CT Gauge, Pressure Photo of PRM010A18CT.
S28G100R-00 Filter, Suction T Photo of S28G100R00.
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604-2X038 Flexible Cable Shielded Photo of 6042X038.
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9303309TN 90V DC 1/3 HP 3.5A Variable Speed DC Motor Just In: Photo on request.
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40.51 Relay, 12VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 4051.
40.52S Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 4052S.
40.61S Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 16A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 4061S.
55.34.24 Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 5A@250VAC, PCB or Plug In Photo of 553424. Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11pin(circle), with test button Photo of 60139024. Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11-pin(circle) Photo of 601390240040. Relay, 110VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in Photo of 60338110.
85.34 Relay, Time delay, 0-10hours (6 ranges), 24VAC/DC, 4PDT (4pole c/o). 5A@250VAC, plug in Photo of 8534.
95.83.10 Base, Relay, SPDT, Din rail mounting Photo of 958310.
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IDN 2G Filter, IDN 2g Photo of IDN2G.
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