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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 

0.94.0387 POS 1 Plate, head side 84 LOAD UL90 Photo of 0940387POS1.
0.94.0387 POS 5 Tongue, UL90 84 load head Photo of 0940387POS5. Stop, 300 pre test site, Multitest Photo of 01255005.
0920672-POS29 Guide, head 52PLCC Photo of 0920672POS29.
4.90.0076 Spring, leaf Photo of 4900076.
7105A Coupling, rotary, flexible Photo of 7105A.
7120 Spring, groundframe small Photo of 7120.
9-92-0513-07123 Spring, frame UL90 Photo of 992051307123.
9920674-10-07085 Clip, retaining, UL90 DIL kit Photo of 99206741007085.
A01.01.53.14 Shaft, stop pin, DIL 300 Photo of A01015314.
A01.01.53.20 Distance plate guide, DIL300 Photo of A01015320.
A01.02.53.15 Body, contactor, s/steel Photo of A01025315.
A01.11.50.01 Shuttle, insert feed 68PLCC Photo of A01115001.
A01.21.51.09 Lockplate-U PGA84 Multitest Photo of A01215109.
A60. Contact spring, 132QFP inner Photo of A6001000108.
MLL-014 Bearing, linear Photo of MLL014.
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