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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
Fischer,  FKI,  Flourocarbon Seals,  Flowlink,  Flowmax (Kondo), 
Fluid Metering Inc,  Fluidsysteme,  Fluke,  Fluorocarbon,  Fluoroware,  Forest, 
Fox Meter Inc.,  Foxboro,  Franz Binder,  FRB Connectron, 
Fritz Huttenger Elektronik,  Fuji Electric,  Fujikin,  Fujitsu Limited, 
Furon,  Fusetron,  Fusion, 

066.2012 Union, straight, size 20-1/2", threaded end Photo of 0662012.
108-0990 Betascope 870C Just In: Photo on request.
175.346.013 Valve, Ball, d25, DN20, Type 346 Photo of 175346013.
6346-0425-1 Resistor, 3M0 (3megohms), 60w TEM Photo of 634604251.
729.911.106 Union, straight, Photo of 729911106.
761.066.600 Union, 90 degrees, size 16 Photo of 761066600.
761.066.601 Union, 45 degrees, size 20 Photo of 761066601.
761.066.603 Union, 90 degrees, size 32 Photo of 761066603.
761.066.611 Union, 45 degrees, size 20 Photo of 761066611.
761.066.613 Union, 45 degrees, size 32 Photo of 761066613.
761.066.620 Union, T, size 16 Photo of 761066620.
761.066.621 Union, T, size 20 Photo of 761066621.
761.066.660 Union, straight, size 16 Photo of 761066660.
761.066.661 Union, straight, size 25:20 Photo of 761066661.
761.066.670 Union, straight, size 20:16 Photo of 761066670.
761.066.671 Union, straight, size 25:16 Photo of 761066671.
761.066.672 Union, straight, size 25:20 Photo of 761066672.
761.066.674 Union, straight, size 32:20 Photo of 761066674.
761.066.691 Union, Straight Photo of 761066691.
761.066.698 Union, Straight Photo of 761066698.
761.066.700 Union, Straight, 25-3/4 Photo of 761066700.
761.066.701 Union, Straight, 32-1 Photo of 761066701.
761.066.706 Union, Straight, 20-1/2 Photo of 761066706.
761.066.707 Union, Straight Photo of 761066707.
761.066.922 Union, T, size 32:20:30 Just In: Photo on request.
761.066.946 Valve, Ball, Type 346 with PB-Flange Adapter, 15DN, 1/2" Photo of 761066946.
761.066.947 Valve, Ball, Type 346 with PB-Flange Adapter, 20DN, 3/4" Photo of 761066947.
D106AZ015 Feedthrough, 32mm 12way Female Photo of D106AZ015.
D106AZ067 Feedthrough, 32mm 8way Female Photo of D106AZ067.
D4J5-06Z062 Socket, Crucible Motor, 10way Photo of D4J506Z062.
E3 105.1/10.7 Socket, 8way Photo of E31051107.
E3 105.10/10.7 Plug, 2way Photo of E310510107.
FYS-520-010D Trap, bottle 11/2" polypro Ring for information.
S102Z053-130/4.3-S Connector, 4way, Photo of S102Z05313043S.
S104A066 Connector, 8way Photo of S104A066.
S105Z067 Connector, 8way Female Ring for information.
S106Z019/13.2 Connector, 8way Feedthrough Photo of S106Z019132.
SE106A015/18.2 Connector, 12way Photo of SE106A015182.
SE106A018/18.2 Connector, 17way Photo of SE106A018182.
SE106Z015/18.2 Connector, 12way Photo of SE106Z015182.
SE106Z018/9.2 Connector, 12way Photo of SE106Z01892.
SO 42621-10 Elbow, fitting Photo of SO4262110.
WDE106AZ019-2 Feedthrough, 8way / way, 32mm Photo of WDE106AZ0192.
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KMK2P24VAC Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 8A@240VAC, Octal base. C/W DIN rail plug-in base Photo of KMK2P24VAC.
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AR10103 Seal, pivot fithru AR10103 Photo of AR10103.
AR10400 Seal, (Fluorocarbon) E500 Photo of AR10400.
AR10401 Seal, TGT FAR AR10401 Photo of AR10401.
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VL 214 RHP Valve, Manual Photo of VL214RHP.
VP214 RHP NF IPS Valve, pneumatic, Photo of VP214RHPNFIPS.
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5915PC-10T-B24 Fan, 100VAC, 50/60Hz, 26/31W Photo of 5915PC10TB24.
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R408-1T Seal, for Pump Photo of R4081T.
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90064023343 Valve, Regulator Photo of 90064023343.
DMCL-3-2-V-4 Manometer-Pressure Valve Set Photo of DMCL32V4.
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PM9856 A-10 Pen recorder, (PM8141) Photo of PM9856A10.
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DV3-124 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC Delta 3way 1/8" Orifice Photo of DV3124.
DV3-144 Valve, Solenoid, 115VAC Delta 3way 1/4" Ring for information.
DV3-144A1 Valve, Solenoid, 115VAC Delta 3way 1/4" Photo of DV3144A1.
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201-34 Valve, diaphragm, (chemfill manifold,) hand operated, 1/2" pipes Photo of 20134.
201-67 Valve, diaphragm,hand operated, 3/4" orifice Photo of 20167.
202-15 Valve, Pneumatic Plastic 2way Photo of 20215.
202-16 Valve, Brackets 1/2 " Chemfill Photo of 20216.
202-29 Valve, diaphragm, pneumatically operated, 3/4" orifice Photo of 20229.
202-60 Galtek Flaretec Tube Fittings Photo of 20260.
202-71 Valve, Chemfill Manifold Photo of 20271.
202-83 Flaretec Tube Fittings Photo of 20283.
206-0855-1 Entegris 1/2" PFA Check Valve, Plastic gripper assembly Photo of 20608551.
301605-105 Flaretec Tube Fittings UT6FN-1 JCBEIB Photo of 301605105.
907062-001 Flaretec Tube Fittings Cap, TFL, 1/4", FLC4 AABGIJ Photo of 907062001.
FMC8-12 Bushing, reducing, PFA, 1/2" FNPT x 3/4" MNPT Photo of FMC812.
NVW4-W4-3 Valve, Needle, Chemfill Manifold Photo of NVW4W43.
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FAL-20-1 Heater Open Alarm Photo of FAL201.
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FC121-100 Fox Meter, 4-Dgiti Microprocessor Based Meter, Multiple Signal Photo of FC121100.
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300435-001 Sensor, conductivity/resistivity cell, Model 921-BA6-7 Photo of 300435001.
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678-1-99-0613-00-05 Plug, 5way, female shell Photo of 67819906130005.
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D03EP32M-Blue Socket, male, 3way, cable mounting, blue Photo of D03EP32MBlue.
D03EP32M-Red Socket, Male, 3way, Cable Mounting, Blue Photo of D03EP32MRed.
D03P32F-Red Socket, Female, 6way, Cable Mounting, Red Photo of D03P32FRed.
DC.6123340..J Socket, female, 6way, cable mounting, blue Photo of DC6123340J.
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B 82-0147 TNW 9000, (S/N= 14101) Photo of B820147.
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2DI 150Z-120 Power Transistor Module, 150A 1200V Photo of 2DI150Z120.
DV15011-2AS05 PSU, 200VAC, o/p 11VDC@13.6A Photo of DV150112AS05.
PYZ4NCY1-5V Temperature Controller Photo of PYZ4NCY15V.
SRCa3631-0 Contactor, 24VAC coil, 3phase, + 1NC, 380/440VAC, 4A, DIN rail mounting Photo of SRCa36310.
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F900-12.7 SR Pipe connector, Stainless Steel Photo of F900127SR.
F900-12.7N Pipe connector, Stainless Steel Photo of F900127N.
F900-9.52N Pipe connector, Stainless Steel Photo of F900952N.
F900-F-9.52 Pipe connector, Stainless Steel Photo of F900F952.
F900-H-12.7D Pipe connector, Stainless Steel Photo of F900H127D.
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B030-4960-T002A Hard Disk Drive Photo of B0304960T002A.
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1102627 Valve, 3way Photo of 1102627.
1605A-6-0035 6 Inch Wafer 3 Point Thermocouple Photo of 1605A60035.
DV2-124NCD2 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC Delta 2way 1/8' Orifice Photo of DV2124NCD2.
DV2-144-NC-A1 Valve, N2 1600, 60 PSIG, 1/4" Orifice, 115VAC, 50/60, 0.75A Photo of DV2144NCA1.
DV2-144NCR1 Valve, Solenoid, 115VAC Delta 2way 1/2' orifice Ring for information.
NV3 144 Valve, pneumatic, Photo of NV3144.
T212-012 Tube,1/ 80D X - 030W FEP 132 FT Photo of T212012.
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FRS-R100 Dual-Element Time Delay Photo of FRSR100.
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202111 Pin, Lift FS Photo of 202111.
23382 Relay, Solid state Photo of 23382.
238781 PCB, Signal tower control FS23 Photo of 238781.
248411 PCB, 8086 CPU Card FS248411 Photo of 248411.
248611 PCB, LCD PSU/INT FS248611 Photo of 248611.
249091 PCB, Wafer Detect Tower 8"FS24 Photo of 249091.
249141 PCB, Interconnect FS249141 Photo of 249141.
249181 PCB, Dual Cass Handler FS24 Photo of 249181.
249251 PCB, Robot Stepper FS249251 Photo of 249251.
249291 PCB, Base FS249291 Photo of 249291.
251171 Cable, Coiled FS Photo of 251171.
257641 Brake assembly, 24VDC, FS Photo of 257641.
264001 Ceramic, wafer pan FS 264001 Photo of 264001.
265841 PCB, Lamp PSU INT CARD FS26 Photo of 265841.
288861 PCB, Unicassette INT FS250261 Photo of 288861.
316431 Ceramic, wafer pan FS 264001 Photo of 316431.
64742 Cylinder 3/4" stroke FS064 Ring for information.
86081-00 KIT. Heater Insulating Ring for information.
988411 PCB, Service Place FS98841 Photo of 988411.
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