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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
IBM,  Ibm France,  Idec,  Idec Izumi,  Idi,  Iiyama,  Illinois Tool Works Inc.,  Image, 
Imation,  IMC,  IMC Boxer,  Imperial Eastman,  INA,  Inca,  IND Devices,  Indramat, 
Inertia Dynamics,  Inficon,  Infineon,  Infraserv,  Inko Industrial Corp,  Inmac, 
Inmac (Uk) Ltd,  Innovative,  Instron,  Instrument Services,  Int Power, 
Integrated Designs,  Integrated Semi,  Intel,  Inter Normen,  Intercolour, 
Intermec,  International Rectifier,  Intersil,  Intertrade Scientific, 
Intest Ltd.,  Invax,  Ion Tech, Inc.,  Ipec Planar,  Irradian,  ISI,  ITT Jennings, 
ITT Pomona,  ITW,  ITW Switches,  IVO Industries,  Iwaki,  Iwashita, 

05000 12G4270 FQ M2 HF 3/8 VCR 74,5mm Photo of 0500012G4270.
05000 7827 413 Contact Breaker, 3pole, 240V, 60A, HACR type Just In: Photo on request.
05000 9653 334 Contact Breaker, 3pole, 240V, 20A, HACR type Just In: Photo on request.
05000-12G4248 Valve, Pneumatic, PSV (Qualiflow) Photo of 0500012G4248.
05000-4641794 Valve, pneumatic, PSV (Qualiflow) Photo of 050004641794.
05000-76X8831 Washer, for head Photo of 0500076X8831.
05000-90X2603 Bellows lift and loc Photo of 0500090X2603.
0500055G5992 O-Ring, 89.5x3.0 Photo of 0500055G5992.
050006380698 O-Ring, 12.37x2.62, Viton Photo of 050006380698.
050006441607 Cable, Assy, Ion Collector, 25ft Photo of 050006441607.
050007481475 Contactor, 110-120VAC coil, 2pole 240VAC @ 40A Photo of 050007481475.
090A31582702 IC, BP779598AR Photo of 090A31582702.
1394316 Keyboard, French Just In: Photo on request.
1580875 Fan, Rotron Muffin-XL Model MX3B1 Photo of 1580875.
2402071 Wesport memory card Photo of 2402071.
4447602 EDS panel switches Photo of 4447602.
4711245 Shaft MTG Lever Photo of 4711245.
5656194 Spring, Compression Photo of 5656194.
5858-01 Microcode Modem Photo of 585801.
6013609 ROC distribution card Photo of 6013609.
6028551 Fibre (Fiber) optic Clock Card made up for IBM Photo of 6028551.
6113065 Computer Terminal, 3163 12 (I.D. No. 3163-55-01332) Just In: Photo on request.
62 X 1139 Power Supply, XT 286 157W, 110V-4.5A, 220V-2.2A, 50/60Hz, Model No- AA13740 Photo of 62X1139.
6256896 PCB, Optoisolator board Photo of 6256896.
6289857 PCB, Attached Processor Photo of 6289857.
6290705 PCB, DSC 4 Engine Card Photo of 6290705.
6319019 21/28 Monitor, 11" (200-240V, 0.5A, 0.1kW, 50Hz) (I.D. No.= 353X-55-1063640 ) Just In: Photo on request.
6335541 Module, MS522 Panther Photo of 6335541.
6441303 Spring Photo of 6441303.
6910510 Blanking Control Card Amade up for IBM Photo of 6910510.
6910562 PCB, Lower Shape card made up for IBM Photo of 6910562.
69X6283 5250 Emulation Card - Micro Channel MCA Photo of 69X6283.
6F9596 Nut, knurled Photo of 6F9596.
71G4602 PSE, 100-125VAC@8A 200-240VAC@4A o/p 5VDC@8A 12VDC@7A -12VDC@1.5A Photo of 71G4602.
71X2109 Support long Photo of 71X2109.
71X2154 Base Photo of 71X2154.
7516907 Front panel LED ASM Photo of 7516907.
7834511 Base LH Corner 5" Photo of 7834511.
7890275 Pull up Photo of 7890275.
7890515 PCB, DAC Support Photo of 7890515.
8282168 PCB, Memory Westport Photo of 8282168.
8507635 Aperture Photo of 8507635.
8529647 Auto Poller/SECS Support Photo of 8529647.
8562949 Disk VFO Photo of 8562949.
8637163 PCB, Power on Reset Photo of 8637163.
8637269 Ring, Contactor Photo of 8637269.
8637302 Aperture Delp Corp Photo of 8637302.
8668901 PCB, SEC Board Photo of 8668901.
8682272 Mirror front face Photo of 8682272.
8682273 Spring Photo of 8682273.
8692015 Hazel 4 engine Photo of 8692015.
8912371 PCB, COM Adapter Card Photo of 8912371.
8912375 PCB, RAM memory board Photo of 8912375.
8912377 PCB, RS 232 Support card Photo of 8912377.
8912383 PCB, Solenoid, driver card Photo of 8912383.
8912388 PCB, DAC 8 output board Photo of 8912388.
8912392 Terminator 2 wide Photo of 8912392.
8912402 PCB, 48 bit DI/DO Photo of 8912402.
8912427 PCB, attached processor Photo of 8912427.
8912429 PCB, I/O Channel Card Photo of 8912429.
8912434 PCB, Disc adaptor Photo of 8912434.
8912508 PCB, RS 232 control board Photo of 8912508.
90A30842345 Resistor, 80.6K, 2W Photo of 90A30842345.
90A32414891 Diode Photo of 90A32414891.
9399335 Top Gland Photo of 9399335.
9399380 Spring Photo of 9399380.
9399812 Diode, Sensor Element Photo of 9399812.
9402011 PCB, EDS Control Card Photo of 9402011.
9402012 PCB, DAC support card Photo of 9402012.
9402023 PCB, Timer II Card Photo of 9402023.
9402087 PCB, Video Card Photo of 9402087.
9402096 PCB, Digital input Photo of 9402096.
9430196 Card assembly oscillator Photo of 9430196.
9911930 Dome Holder / Wheel for BD104 Planentary, for BAK760 Photo of 9911930.
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06F461B ASM Clamp Ring PE20K (Flatness = 0.05 MAX, Deposition Thickness= 0.150+0u-0.05) Photo of 06F461B.
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SIL 9506 Teflon control protector Photo of SIL9506.
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4110835 Circuit Breaker, 220V, 25A, 50/60Hz. (Circuit Protector) Photo of 4110835.
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NRAS 2100 15A Circuit Breaker, 220V, 15A, 50/60Hz. (Circuit Protector) Just In: Photo on request.
NRAS 2100 25A Circuit Breaker, 220V, 25A, 50/60Hz. (Circuit Protector) Photo of NRAS210025A.
RH1B-U AC120V Relay, 120VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in Photo of RH1BUAC120V.
RH1B-U AC24V Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in Photo of RH1BUAC24V.
RR2P-U AC24V Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base Photo of RR2PUAC24V.
RR3B-U Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@240VAC Photo of RR3BU.
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1-140-159 FG Valve, suck back combo Photo of 1140159FG.
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LS902UT Monitor, 19" Vision Master 1451 (100-240VAC, 2.5A, 50/60Hz) Just In: Photo on request.
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B54700 QQ56D Connector, Edge, 0.1", 56way, Double Sided, ST, MCM9912 Photo of B54700QQ56D.
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874667 Shaft Seal Metal Housing 47/67x10mm Photo of 874667.
8995137 Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 4a, 380v Photo of 8995137.
9566042 Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube for 1 to 100 mTorr Range Photo of 9566042.
9875182 PCB, LN2 Photo of 9875182.
9911933 Arm Photo of 9911933.
9922172 Circuit breaker, 1-pole, 5 SN 1, Photo of 9922172.
9930859 Heater Base Plate for Diff Pump, Disc, Centre Hole 17mm Diameter, Overall Diameter 227mm, X3 5mm Holes, and x1 22mm HoleHEATER Photo of 9930859.
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DC 6250 Data cartridge, SLR1-250MB tape Photo of DC6250.
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350-100 Voltmeter Thermco CVD Photo of 350100.
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4715PL-04W-B30 Fan, 12VDC Brushless Photo of 4715PL04WB30.
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268 P04-02 Poly Flo Male Straight Connector, Tube O.D. 1/4" Photo of 268P0402.
269 P 04 x 02 Poly Flo Male Elbow Connector, Tube O.D. 1/4" Photo of 269P04x02.
294PMSS06 Poly Flo Couple Insert, without shut-off, 3/8", Stainles steel Just In: Photo on request.
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KR-30-PP Roller, with shaft Photo of KR30PP.
KRE19PP Roller 19mm O/D inc Oiler Photo of KRE19PP.
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IMCV11 INCA Memory for PRO420 Photo of IMCV11.
IMCV11-I INCA Memory for PRO420 Just In: Photo on request.
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2150QA1 Lamp, Neon Red Photo of 2150QA1.
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TVM1250220300WO220380 Power Supply, TVM1.2-50-220/300-WO/220/380 Photo of TVM1250220300WO220380.
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1701-2321 Brake assembly, 24VDC, FS Photo of 17012321.
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007-023 Ceramic retainer Photo of 007023.
007-044 Cable, coax, with connectors Photo of 007044.
008-007 Crystal Snatcher Photo of 008007.
013-001 IC 6000 Oscillator Photo of 013001.
013-093 IC 6000 Oscillator Just In: Photo on request.
013-334 Deposition Controller, IC 6000, (S/N= 20-0114) Just In: Photo on request.
017-010-G1 Quadrex 100, Residual Gas Analyser (S/N= C2QD29A00470) Photo of 017010G1.
017-109 Seal Ring Photo of 017109.
017-604 Residual gas analyser head (Quadrupole) UHV Photo of 017604.
018-206 Centering ring, 16mm, 16KF Photo of 018206.
018-217L Elbow, Adaptor for Sleeve 40KF141 Photo of 018217L.
018-231L Flange, with Short Pipe 10KF Photo of 018231L.
018-256 Centering ring, 10mm Photo of 018256.
018-257L Centering Ring, Reducing 20/25KF Photo of 018257L.
018-283L Flange, with Long Tube 25KF Photo of 018283L.
018-356 Centering ring, KF10-16 Photo of 018356.
018-358L Centering Ring, Reducing 32/40KF Photo of 018358L.
018-387 Reducer, with filter, 40KF to 25KF Photo of 018387.
018-457L Cross Piece, 25/10M Photo of 018457L.
018-466L Flange, KF40, for 20mm Tube Photo of 018466L.
018327 Shaft Seal Photo of 018327.
018475L Cross Piece, DN 40 ISO KF Photo of 018475L.
018480L Intermediate Piece Aluminium DN 16 ISO KF Photo of 018480L.
035-013 IC/5 Replacement Floppy Disk Drive 035013, E/131, 720K Photo of 035013.
17109 Seal Ring Photo of 17109.
18-207 Centering Ring, KF2 Aluminium /Viton Photo of 18207.
18-327 Shaft Seal Photo of 18327.
18206 Centering ring, 16mm, 16KF Photo of 18206.
18207 Centering Ring, KF2 Aluminium /Viton Photo of 18207.
18208 Centering Ring, 40KF Photo of 18208.
18217L Elbow, Adaptor for Sleeve 40KF141 Photo of 18217L.
18231L Flange, with Short Pipe 10KF Photo of 18231L.
18256 Centering ring, 10mm Photo of 18256.
18257L Centering Ring, Reducing 20/25KF Photo of 18257L.
18283L Flange, with Long Tube 25KF Photo of 18283L.
18356 Centering ring, KF10-16 Photo of 18356.
18358L Centering Ring, Reducing 32/40KF Photo of 18358L.
18387 Reducer, with filter, 40KF to 25KF Photo of 18387.
18457L Cross Piece, 25/10M Photo of 18457L.
18466L Flange, KF40, for 20mm Tube Photo of 18466L.
205-340A PCB, Crystal Oscillator Photo of 205340A.
205-460E PCB, RS-232C Photo of 205460E.
211-051 Centering ring, DN 10 ISO-KF (centering ring) Photo of 211051.
211-338 Bellows, KF16 Stainless steel 1000mm Just In: Photo on request.
212-231 Claw Grip DN 63-100 ISO-K (Pack of 4) Ring for information.
212-321 Seal Ring DN 63 ISO -F Photo of 212321.
212-361 O-Ring, 75.57x5.34 FPM75. Photo of 212361.
213-256 Transition piece DN 40CF/40KF ISO-KF Photo of 213256.
26825L Claw clamp ISO63/100 (pack of 4) Photo of 26825L.
26827L Claw Clamp ISO 320/500 Photo of 26827L.
26947L Welding Flange 63 ISO ST Photo of 26947L.
26963L Welding Flange 160 ISO ST Photo of 26963L.
27235L Sleeve Connection 63 ISO Photo of 27235L.
350-000 Guage, Pirani Standard PSG400 Photo of 350000.
350-060 Gauge, PSG500 with reset tool, pirani Photo of 350060.
600-1008-P30 Power Supply extension Cable ~10Meters Photo of 6001008P30.
600-1039-G30 XIU/5 Cable Photo of 6001039G30.
750-030-G1 F/T W/ Airline final assy Photo of 750030G1.
750-1006-G10 Silver Coated Crystals, pack of 10 Just In: Photo on request.
750-210-G1 Crystal Sensor Shutter Module Assy Ring for information.
755-252-G1 Crystal Interface Unit Just In: Photo on request.
755-257-G6 Cable Just In: Photo on request.
755-262-G1 Cable Kit, G2 Output Board, Man Pwr Con W/XTAL Switch IC/4 Remote Photo of 755262G1.
755-500-G2U IC/4 PLUS, Deposition Controller (180-250VAC, 175W, 50/60Hz) Just In: Photo on request.
757-302-G1 XTC2 Oscillator Crystal Interface Unit Photo of 757302G1.
757-303-G15 CE XTC2 CABLE Photo of 757303G15CE.
757-500-G2 Depostion Controller, XTC/2 Photo of 757500G2.
760-025-G15 Oscillator and Cable Kit 15FT Ring for information.
760-026-G1 EPROM Kit For IC5 Photo of 760026G1.
760-406 RS232 Loopback 9pole Connector Socket Photo of 760406.
760-500-G4 Inficon IC/5 Deposition Controller, IC5 Just In: Photo on request.
760-600-G1 Oscillator Crystal Interface Unit AOXF11B Photo of 760600G1.
8/0/14 G2-CABLE Kit for IC/5, TTL Relay Module Photo of 8014.
83523L Welding Flange Rotatable 40CF Photo of 83523L.
83559L Welding Flange Rotatable 63CF Photo of 83559L.
83687L Flange, Reducing 100/40CF Photo of 83687L.
83689L Flange, Reducing 100/63CF Photo of 83689L.
83888L Srew, Hex (pack of 6) 40CF Photo of 83888L.
84046L Gasket, Copper. Ag Plated (10pck) 160CF (M) Photo of 84046L.
86785L Hose, Metal, 40KF 250mm Photo of 86785L.
86791 Hose, Metal, 16KF 500mm KF16 Ring for information.
86837L Flexible Hose 63 ISO. 250mm Photo of 86837L.
88427L Screw, on Flange 25KF/1" Photo of 88427L.
88480L Cross Piece, 10KF SS Photo of 88480L.
88485L Cross Piece, 16KF SS Photo of 88485L.
88497L Cross Piece, Reducing, 40/16 KF Photo of 88497L.
88507L Reducing Piece 40/16KF Photo of 88507L.
88663 Welding Flange 160 ISO ST Photo of 88663.
88745L Cross Piece, 63 ISO Photo of 88745L.
911-038-P1 Transpector Power Supply, Input - 100V-240VAC, 60W, 50-60Hz, 0.85-0.40A. Output - +24V @ 1.6A Photo of 911038P1.
911-241-G1V RGA Photo of 911241G1V.
IC-6000 Deposition Controller, IC 6000, (S/N= 20-0114) Just In: Photo on request.
IPN751-112-G1 XTC Relay Option Photo of IPN751112G1.
L100FC RGA Photo of L100FC.
VAP 040-A Valve, Angle, pneumatically actuated, 100/115VAC Photo of VAP040A.
XMS-310 PCB, printed for XMS-3 Photo of XMS310.
XMS-320 PCB, printed for XMS-3 Photo of XMS320.
XMS-330 PCB, printed for XMS-3 Photo of XMS330.
XMS-350 PCB, printed for XMS-3 Photo of XMS350.
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BC846B Transistor, NPN, BC846B 0.1A Ic 5Vce Just In: Photo on request.
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194 "Cryopump" High Vacuum Pump (700L/S) Ring for information.
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PE4-NC-2-S Mask shield, 4" (4 inch), 2.85micron, nitrocellulose Photo of PE4NC2S.
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305-2 Link RS232 F-F, EIA line link Photo of 3052.
334-3 Link RS232 M-F, Shielded Null Modem(M-F) Photo of 3343.
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06-06769-01 Cable, SVG DRIVE SCRUB Photo of 060676901.
1901 Clear Signal T-Switch, Serial No. 9018 Photo of 1901.
21009 Clear Signal T-Switch Just In: Photo on request.
327 Gender changer, 25way, plug to plug (pins) Photo of 327.
8035-5 MUX 2000, 8-Port Photo of 80355.
8035-7 MUX 2000, 25 Pin Photo of 80357.
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01482-1079-00003 Motor, 1482 X-Y & Harne Photo of 01482107900003.
02920-0930-00000 Gripper Kit Input 2920 Photo of 02920093000000.
2810-0503-000-00 Cylinder, Actuator, 5/16" bore, 1/2" stroke, pneumatic Photo of 2810050300000.
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UPGX11-1-62F-153-A-21 Switch, Power Photo of UPGX11162F153A21.
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06-32304-00 Thermocouple Wafer Photo of 063230400.
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IHC24-2.4 DC International Power Supply, 24VDC @ 2.4A Photo of IHC2424.
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1-139-020 PCB, MoS2 CB, Mother board assy (motherboard assembly) Photo of 1139020.
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028497G1 Motor, Elevator, with cable assembly, GCA Photo of 028497G1.
38848 Monitor, CRT with PCB for scan etc. Photo of 38848.
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147262-001A PCB, 80/24 CPU board with memory Photo of 147262001A.
148492-003 PCB, Intel 148492-003 SBC 8024A Computer Board Just In: Photo on request.
AA 173819-009 PCB, Winchester Disk Controller Photo of AA173819009.
D8748H IC, Microprocessor 8-Bit Embedded 40-DIL Photo of D8748H.
P8279-5 IC, programmable keyboard/display interface Photo of P82795.
PSBC-661-1 Computer (Intel) Model 661 Photo of PSBC6611.
PSYP310 Hard/floppy disk unit. 120VAC, 50-60Hz Photo of PSYP310.
PSYP310-35 Computer (Intel) Model 310-PE35 Just In: Photo on request.
PWA 132727-004 HK PCB, Intel Data Separator Photo of PWA132727004HK.
PWA 142693-002 E DK PCB, Communications Expansion Board Photo of PWA142693002EDK.
PWA 144263-016 JK SNP06890 PCB, Winchester Disk Controller Photo of PWA144263016JKSNP06890.
SNW4 1933 PCB, Intel 148492-003 SBC 8024A Computer Board Just In: Photo on request.
SNW61714 PCB Photo of SNW61714.
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01.E 60.10VG.HR.E.P Filter, element F Photo of 01E6010VGHREP.
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609994+10334 Colourtrend 210B Monitor and keyboard Just In: Photo on request.
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159 CCD Scanner Photo of 159.
160 9510 Online Reader Ring for information.
40Z Nicad Battery Pack Charger Photo of 40Z.
70001-001 Tracker Scanner, 9445, 1619 Photo of 70001001.
I90017 Ribbon, 4400, Standard black, Wax, 89mm x 457m, wound Photo of I90017.
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26MB80A Rectifier, Bridge (800V 25A) Photo of 26MB80A.
40HFR60 Diode, 600V 40A Photo of 40HFR60.
IODI Diode, rectifier SI 2 Photo of IODI.
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IM 6100AIPL IC, microprocessor. 6100. dec. pdp8 Photo of IM6100AIPL.
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1034X Power Supply, EG Prober, 1034X (220V, 1kW, 50/60Hz) (S/N= X401044) Photo of 1034X.
28-0045 PCB, Assembly, RS-50 LCD Prometrix Photo of 280045.
2906-11 Gauge, pressure, 0-60 PSI, Spec 164428, Panel mounting Photo of 290611.
29860 Lamp, E Probe illuminator Photo of 29860.
35-0021 LED, RS-50 Switch Panel Prometrix Photo of 350021.
500-4478-00 Motor, Reversible,115V 1.8A 1/8HP 3200 rpm Photo of 500447800.
520443000 Tip, Nozzle spray M Clean M Photo of 520443000.
53-0007 PCB, Graphics Colour, Prometrix Photo of 530007.
54-0024 PCB, Probe up, Prometrix Photo of 540024.
54-0029 PCB, Radial Sensor Prometrix Photo of 540029.
54-0086 Sensor, RS-50 PCA Door Prometrix Photo of 540086.
58-0055 PCB, Control board RS-50 DISC V Photo of 580055.
6G16-115-025 Belt, Aeronca Drive 025, .080", 115 teeth, 6mm wide, Urethane Photo of 6G16115025.
6G16-290-025 Belt, Aeronca Drive 290-02 Ring for information.
7300-2115 Switch, square with LED, engraved "CALIB" Photo of 73002115.
8300-0001-01 PCB, AFT PMT Pre amp MOS9 N Photo of 8300000101.
9050-0236 IC, Quad peripheral driver Photo of 90500236.
9400-0056 Lamp. T-3 1/4 Ring for information.
9407-0012 Counter, mechanical, non-resetable, 5 digit (decimal) Photo of 94070012.
9500-0003 Paper, Printer, Nanometrics Ring for information.
9630-0071 Eyepiece, NANOIV TELESCOPI Photo of 96300071.
ZP52-0074 Cable, RS-50 Door Assembly, Prometrix Photo of ZP520074.
ZP55-0125 Cable, 34way, RS-50, For External Floppy Drive. Photo of ZP550125.
ZS55-0122 Cable, 34way, RS-50, Daisy Chain for 2 Floppy Drives Photo of ZS550122.
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00185-03 Cable, Docking, T310 ADV Photo of 0018503.
45-00185-02 Cable, docking 3319-20 Photo of 450018502.
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IBT-561.992 Adaptor, BNC Tee Photo of IBT561992.
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IT-75 IT 75 HCN, Hollow Cathode Neutraliser (200W) (S/N= 7593092) Just In: Photo on request.
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47217613 Manifold, flat Photo of 47217613.
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MMD 2 Monochromater Drive Unit, MMD 2 Photo of MMD2.
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9414004 Vacuum Part, Insulator Seal Photo of 9414004.
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CVDD-300-15N611 Capacitor, Vacuum Variable, 10-300pF 15KV Photo of CVDD30015N611.
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4788 Socket, BNC panel mounting, right angled. Photo of 4788.
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16-404 Switch, micro, Sub-Miniature 10.1A, 125/250V Photo of 16404.
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18-40421 Switch, snap action, basic. Photo of 1840421.
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B574.640AC9B Timer, 220VAC 50Hz Photo of B574640AC9B.
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CMD-005 Pump, Magnet, 220V/240V, 50/60Hz, 0.55A Photo of CMD005.
MD-15R-220N Pump, Magnet, 16-19 L/min, 220V/240V, 50/60Hz Photo of MD15R220N.
MD-30FX Pump, Magnet, 13-15 L/min, 100V, 50/60Hz Photo of MD30FX.
MD-30FX-N Pump, Magnet, 100V 50/60Hz, 2700/3000 rpm (DAIN Spray 70 Etcher) Photo of MD30FXN.
SB-2SH-ML-S-T05 Bellows pump, (DNS Resist Teflon) Photo of SB2SHMLST05.
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AV-101 Valve, dispensing pump Photo of AV101.
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