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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
PABX Master,  Pacer Uk,  Pacific Scientific,  Palazzoli,  Pall,  Panasonic, 
Panduit,  Parker,  Parvalux Ltd,  Patentband,  Paulstra,  PBG,  Pegler, 
Pennine Components,  Pepperl + Fuchs,  Peripheral S,  Perkin Elmer, 
Peter Paul,  Pfeiffer,  Pfeiffer Vacuum,  Pfieffer,  Pfister, 

BT4504 Socket, BT TO RJ45 plug PABX Master telephone Adaptor Photo of BT4504.
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PACER-A60 PCB, Plunger Relay Interface Board Photo of PACERA60.
PACER-A63 PCB, Analog Board Photo of PACERA63.
PACER-A80 PCB, Relay control board Photo of PACERA80.
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33VM82-000-6 Motor, Spin SCE156, 24V, 6A, Torque Const. 5.7 Photo of 33VM820006.
R22HSNA-R1-NS-NV-04 Motor, Brushless Servo, 3.4A Photo of R22HSNAR1NSNV04.
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PM32/1800FPB Plug, 5way, (3phase +neutral +earth) 415V, 32A, Mulitmax Photo of PM321800FPB.
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AB1-F002-3EH1K3 Filter, Emlon PF 0.2uM Photo of AB1F0023EH1K3.
AB1F0103EH15 Filter, Super-Cheminert 1.0uM Photo of AB1F0103EH15.
ABF1UFR3EH1K3 Filter, Ultikleen 0.2uM Photo of ABF1UFR3EH1K3.
DFA 4201 FRE Filter, DNS Coater Chem Ring for information.
DFA-4001-NRP Filter, Dain Cartridge Photo of DFA4001NRP.
GLFPF3000-VM4 In-line Filter, 4HS-B4700-1 (3000 psi, 250F) Just In: Photo on request.
GLFPF3000RHP4 Filter, assembly Photo of GLFPF3000RHP4.
GLFPF3000SM4 Filter, in-line, mini Gaskleen, 3000psi, 250deg C. .03uM (1/4-TO-1/4) Photo of GLFPF3000SM4.
GLFPF6101VM4 Filter, Gaskleen, PG804 Photo of GLFPF6101VM4.
GLFPF6101VM6 Filter, Gaskleen, PH791 Photo of GLFPF6101VM6.
MCD9116FTEH11 Filter, Falcon, 0.1uM Photo of MCD9116FTEH11.
MPF4463F002ESTH11 Filter, 02U A Teflon Photo of MPF4463F002ESTH11.
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ECEV1EA4R7SR Capacitor, 4u7F (4.7uF), 25V, Aluminium, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
ERZC20DK11 Varistor (transient absorber), 85V. Photo of ERZC20DK11.
FC6T8/D Lamp, circular fluorescent, 6" 15W (Fixfax Topview) Photo of FC6T8D.
MFA020HA2NSF AC Servo Motor 200w Photo of MFA020HA2NSF.
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100-332-133 Connector, 32way Photo of 100332133.
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06-32009-00 Paraflex Tube U-42 1/4 O.D. x 1/8 I.D. 366211 Photo of 063200900.
06R213AC Regulator, Pressure 3/8IN 250PSI max W/O gauge, with 0-160 PSI / 1-1100kPa gauge & on/off switch Just In: Photo on request.
2-024 V747-75 O-Ring, 28.30x1.78 Viton Photo of 2024V74775.
2-025 V747-75 O-Ring, 29.87x1.78 Viton Photo of 2025V74775.
2-028 V-884-75 O-Ring, 34.65x1.78 Brown Viton Photo of 2028V88475.
2-035 V747-75 O-Ring, 56.87x1.78 Viton Photo of 2035V74775.
2-178 V747-75 O-Ring, 247.32x2.62 Viton Photo of 2178V74775.
2-235 V747-75 O-Ring, 3.53x11 Viton Photo of 2235V74775.
2-251 V747-75 O-Ring, 129.77x3.53 Kalrez 4079 Photo of 2251V74775.
2-272 V747-75 O-Ring, 240.89x3.53 Viton Photo of 2272V74775.
2-322 V747-75 O-Ring, 31.12x5.33 Viton Photo of 2322V74775.
2-332-V747-75 O-Ring, 59.69x5.34, Viton Photo of 2332V74775.
2-333 V747-75 O-Ring, 62.87x5.33, VI Photo of 2333V74775.
2-353 V747-75 O-Ring, 126.37x5.33 Viton Photo of 2353V74775.
2-354 V745-75 O-Ring, 129.54x5.33 Viton Photo of 2354V74575.
2-425 O-Ring, 113.67x6.99 Viton Photo of 2425.
2-47-77-545 O-Ring, 114.02x1.78 Viton Photo of 24777545.
2-473 V747-75 O-Ring, 608.08x6.99 Viton Photo of 2473V74775.
44900303 Valve, Bellows, Pneumatic Actuated, Series P, Vacuum to 200 psig Photo of 44900303.
6-460 V747-75 O-Ring, 996x7, for Vacuum Chamber Photo of 6460V74775.
801-4 Hose, Push-lok, Grey, -RL, 1/4", Rubber, 250psi Photo of 8014.
801-8 Hose, Push-lok, RED-RL, 5/8", Rubber, 250psi, -40/+212F. Photo of 8018.
FAME-812 Elbow, 3/4 MNPT, 1/2 Flare Photo of FAME812.
M11R10A-RS Wound Cartridge Photo of M11R10ARS.
M54641BS1 Gate valve, Pneumatic, p max=18bar Photo of M54641BS1.
M8R10A-RS Wound Cartridge Photo of M8R10ARS.
PV-1-2334 Valve, 3way, pneumatic, teflon Photo of PV12334.
PV-3-1334 Valve, High Pressure Pneumatic T213/040 Photo of PV31334.
S.900001 Sensor, Flow, 5VDC, light weight, compact Photo of S900001.
SH3-63 Nipple Photo of SH363.
V884-75 O-Ring, 21.95x1.78, Viton Photo of V88475.
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KL7031 DC Choke 1.5A Transformer Just In: Photo on request.
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AR 12 Patent pool Band plastic black 10M, Hole 5 mm Photo of AR12.
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520 018 Shock absorber. Photo of 520018.
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5SLR1S 5MHz Silver Quartz Photo of 5SLR1S.
MT0995 Powder 99.9% Silicon Dioxide 1.7-3.5mm 1Kg Photo of MT0995.
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711067 Coupling, straight, Copper X Male Iron, 15mm x 1/2" BRASS Photo of 711067.
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40813800 PCB, Regulator board HV, similar to BUZ45 type Photo of 40813800.
R10-E1-Y4-V18S Relay, CVPLOTT R10-Y4-V185 Ring for information.
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2801916 Sensor, CJ10-30GM Photo of 2801916.
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BR-401134-A7 Ribbon, TEC B402 T Photo of BR401134A7.
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102971-001 Power DAR Extender Board For PE 4410 Photo of 102971001.
221-770-000 Palete 10Positions 125mm 3 sources Photo of 221770000.
28F8117 ???? Just In: Photo on request.
38502143 PCB, Assy Issue C Photo of 38502143.
698-0291-001 Photomultiplier Hammamatsu C1053-05 Photo of 6980291001.
698-0802-002 PCB, Line Receiver Photo of 6980802002.
698-0803-003 PCB Photo of 6980803003.
698-0807-004 PCB Photo of 6980807004.
698-0807-004E PCB Photo of 6980807004E.
698-0808-003 PCB, Pressure Regulator Photo of 6980808003.
698-0809-001 PCB, Extender board Photo of 6980809001.
698-0817-003 PCB, Digital Inter Photo of 6980817003.
698-0823-004 PCB, Cassette Stepper PCB Photo of 6980823004.
698-0836-001 PCB, Extender Board Photo of 6980836001.
698-0837-001 PCB, Extender Board Photo of 6980837001.
698-0841-001 PCB, Driver Board Photo of 6980841001.
698-0846-003C PCB, Driver Board Photo of 6980846003C.
698-0852-005A PCB, Interface & Display Photo of 6980852005A.
698-0852-005B PCB, Interface & Display Photo of 6980852005B.
698-1701-003 PCB, Robitech Valve Driver Photo of 6981701003.
698-5209-001 PCB, Extender Board Photo of 6985209001.
698-5210-001 PCB, Extender Board Photo of 6985210001.
698-5217-003 PCB, RF Generator Digital Interface Photo of 6985217003.
698-5241-001 PCB Photo of 6985241001.
698-5805-004 PCB Photo of 6985805004.
698-9060-001 PCB, Intel Processor Board 80/30 Photo of 6989060001.
698-9100-001 PCB, D/A Converter Photo of 6989100001.
698-9101-001 Switch Panel Photo of 6989101001.
698-9114-001 Control Tickler Photo of 6989114001.
698-9118-001-D PCB, Aligner Control PCB Photo of 6989118001D.
698-9123-001 PCB, Preamp Photo of 6989123001.
860123 155 2 PCB, Coating Plant Board (System 86 Driver Board) Photo of 8601231552.
878-0621-002 Censor Bus Converter Photo of 8780621002.
940-5029-3 PCB Photo of 94050293.
940-5031-3 PCB, Relay card Photo of 94050313.
940-5812-001 PCB Photo of 9405812001.
940-5813 PCB, with Card A116 Photo of 9405813.
942-0529-002 Computer (Intel) Model 310-PE35 Just In: Photo on request.
942-5000-301 PCB Photo of 9425000301.
942-5003-303 Platen Board Just In: Photo on request.
942-5008-302 PCB, Low frequency regulator Photo of 9425008302.
942-5009-302 PCB, Interface Board Photo of 9425009302.
942-5009-302A PCB, Pumping Controller Interface, Front Panel Photo of 9425009302A.
942-5015-300 PCB Photo of 9425015300.
942-5015-300E PCB Photo of 9425015300E.
942-5018-200A Platen complete Photo of 9425018200A.
942-5018-200A PCB, PEN DS-1 Photo of 9425018200A.
942-5018-301A Sensor Platen, 3" Photo of 9425018301A.
942-5019-301 Sensor Platen, 5" Photo of 9425019301.
942-6001-00 Computer (Intel) Model 661 Photo of 942600100.
942-607-5001 RF interface Just In: Photo on request.
942-6273-001 Control system Just In: Photo on request.
942-6570-001 A.C. Distribution Photo of 9426570001.
PWB1000281-03 PCB, Extender Board Photo of PWB100028103.
Q1504-0001-1 Censor with robot and motor cards Just In: Photo on request.
T 9102-0001-1 125x125mm X-Y Air Bearing with Ball Screw Drive for Perkin Elmer Censor Steppers (S 2316-0001-3) Photo of T910200011.
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52N8DGB Valve, Solenoid, 12VDC, Orifice 1/8, 25psi, VENT/ROUGH Photo of 52N8DGB.
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Part No. not known TCI 001 Just In: Photo on request.
196316 Kit, Minor,Viton,S.S. For Pump DUO 5, DUO 5C (DUO5 DUO5C) Photo of 196316.
383740 O-Ring, 100x5, Viton Photo of 383740.
83534L Flange, with Pipe Socket 160CF Photo of 83534L.
DUO 004A Pump, Rotary Vane DUO 004A Photo of DUO004A.
EVB 016 PA Angle Valve EVB 016 PA, 24V (F-No.= 44033973) Photo of EVB016PA.
P 0920 274E Fuse, 100mA Photo of P0920274E.
P 0920 307E IC, PIC 646 Photo of P0920307E.
P 0920 344E IC, Voltage Regulator, Switching, 100V, 15A Photo of P0920344E.
P 0986 844 PCB, HV switch unit relay Photo of P0986844.
P 2751 402 03 Oil, Rotary pump Type OL P3 - 500ml Ring for information.
P 3890 198 RC Coupling, Insert Photo of P3890198RC.
P 3890 198 RE Coupling, Spider Yellow Photo of P3890198RE.
P 4070 542 PV O-Ring, 32x3, Viton Photo of P4070542PV.
P 4070 621 PV O-Ring, 38x3, Viton Photo of P4070621PV.
P 4071 187 PV O-Ring, 94x2.5, Viton Photo of P4071187PV.
P 4071 326 PV O-Ring, 118x4 Viton Photo of P4071326PV.
P 4071 736 PV O-Ring, 230x5, Viton Photo of P4071736PV.
P 4165 500 AY Hose Clip 6mm Photo of P4165500AY.
P 4165 501 AY Air Hose Clips Photo of P4165501AY.
P 4751 606 RD Switch, Green Photo of P4751606RD.
PF 100 016 -T Clamp, DN 10-16 ISO-KF Photo of PF100016T.
PF 100 025 -T Clamp, 20-25 KF Photo of PF100025T.
PF 100 040 -T Rapid Fastening Clamp 32-40 ISO-KF Photo of PF100040T.
PF 126 010 DN10 T-Piece Photo of PF126010.
PF 224 010 -T Load Arm Transmission, DD040 DN 40 ISO Photo of PF224010T.
PF 300 100 -T Claw Clamp DN 63 250 ISO Photo of PF300100T.
PF 300 101 Claw Clamp DN 320 500 ISO Photo of PF300101.
PF 300 102 -T Claw Grip DN 630 ISO Photo of PF300102T.
PF 311 206 -X Elbow, ISO63 Photo of PF311206X.
PF 319 130 -X Belows, ISO 100-300mm SS Photo of PF319130X.
PF 324 006 Elephants Knee Flexible Connection DN 63 Photo of PF324006.
PF 324 010 Elephants Knee Flexible Connection DN 100 Photo of PF324010.
PF 324 016 Elephants Knee Flexible Connection DN 160 ISO Photo of PF324016.
PK 001 107 -T Oil, P3 for rotary vane pumps and root pumps Ring for information.
PK 025 602 C G0411 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, DUO 060 A, 220/380v, 50/60Hz Photo of PK025602CG0411.
PK 192 199 -T Seal Set UNO/DUO1.5 Photo of PK192199T.
PK 210 125 -X Socket, & Print (R.P) Photo of PK210125X.
PK 210 136 Gasket, Flat Photo of PK210136.
PK 220 426 -X Rectifier Assy 3PH Photo of PK220426X.
PK 220 522 Motor contact Photo of PK220522.
PK 300 044 -X Sieve Filter ISO 100 Photo of PK300044X.
PK D21 305 Pump, Rotary Vane DUO 004A Photo of PKD21305.
PK D41 602 A Pump, Rotary vane, Model DUO 2.5 Photo of PKD41602A.
PK V52 024 VFS 010 Valve, 24V DC Photo of PKV52024.
PK Z40 008 Filter, Oil, Photo of PKZ40008.
PK Z40 150 Filter, Oil Mist, will fit 35 to 65 Photo of PKZ40150.
PK001 400 -T Gasket, Set Photo of PK001400T.
PKE 00002 T DUO 2.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit Ring for information.
PKE 00020 T DUO 2.5C Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit Ring for information.
PKE 02008 T DUO 2.5 Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 02030 T DUO 2.5C Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 081130 T DUO 30A Vane Kit Ring for information.
PKE 30001 T DUO 10 and DUO 10C Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit Ring for information.
PKE 30005 T DUO 5 and Duo 5C Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit Ring for information.
PKE 30006 T DUO 30M Set of Seals Kit Ring for information.
PKE 30008 T DUO 20 and DUO 20C Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32001 T DUO 10 Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32004 T DUO 10C Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32006 T DUO 5C Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32009 T UNO 30M Major Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32011 T DUO 20 Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PKE 32013 T DUO 20C Overhaul Kit Ring for information.
PM 003 203 Anti Vibration Ring, 18X22/3mm Photo of PM003203.
PM 003 492 -T Seal Set TPH 100 / TPU 100 Photo of PM003492T.
PM 011 507 -T 7m Turbo Pump Lead Ring for information.
PM 011 980 -X Cable, 10m Turbo Pump Photo of PM011980X.
PM 021 540 -T Plug, TCP Photo of PM021540T.
PM 041 828-T TPS 100-Power Supply Photo of PM041828T.
PM C01 030 Power Supply, TCP 100 Photo of PMC01030.
PM C01 06 -1A TCF101 Vent Control Photo of PMC01061A.
PM C01 201 TCP270 Turbo Control Photo of PMC01201.
PM C01 229 A Power Supply, TCP 040 Photo of PMC01229A.
PM C01 259 A Power Supply, TCP 300 (TCP300) Photo of PMC01259A.
PM C01 320 A Electronic Drive Unit. TCP 600 Photo of PMC01320A.
PM C01 35 -0A TCF102 Vent Control, 110/220-204V, 50/60Hz Photo of PMC01350A.
PM C01 365 Vent Control Unit TCV 103 (TCV103) Photo of PMC01365.
PM C01 366 Vent Control Unit TCV 103 Photo of PMC01366.
PM C01 471A Turbo Controller, TCP 120 (100/240V, 50/60Hz, 150W) Photo of PMC01471A.
PM C01 475A TCP 121 Ring for information.
PM C01 680 Electronic drive unit.TCP 380 TMP Controller 100-240V Photo of PMC01680.
PM I20 37 -UV Window-View Port Glass, 51x10mm Just In: Photo on request.
PM P01 240 F Pump, turbo, TPU 330, 330 l/s Photo of PMP01240F.
PM Z00 120 Zeolite Filter Photo of PMZ00120.
PM Z01 001 Valve, Vent type TVF 010, 24v DC Photo of PMZ01001.
PM Z01 012 TSF 010 Photo of PMZ01012.
PMP01240F Pump, turbo, TPU 330, 330 l/s Photo of PMP01240F.
PMZ 010 25 Air Cooling System for Turbo Photo of PMZ01025.
PP 004 119 Bush Photo of PP004119.
PP 004 131 Sight Glass Just In: Photo on request.
PP 004 133 Spacer Photo of PP004133.
PP 004 139 -T Seal Set for WKP250 Photo of PP004139T.
PP 004 216 -T Seal Set WKP 500 (WKP500) Just In: Photo on request.
PP 004 444 Friction Pins Photo of PP004444.
PP 004 446 Spring, friction Photo of PP004446.
PP 041 039 T Seal Kit for WKP 500A Ring for information.
PP 041 192 Shaft Bush WKP500A Photo of PP041192.
PP 042 020 T Seal Kit for WKP 500A Ring for information.
PT R18 500 Gauge, Penning IKR050, ISO 25KF Photo of PTR18500.
PT441130-T PCB, IF 300 A Interface and relay Photo of PT441130T.
PTG 280 20 TPG 251A- Single Gauge Ring for information.
PTM 28504 Residual gas analyzer, TYPE QME 200 Photo of PTM28504.
PTR02250 TPR 010 Gauge Head with Octal Connector Photo of PTR02250.
PTR02270 TPR 010 Gauge Head with Socket Connector Photo of PTR02270.
PTR18501 Gauge, Penning IKR050, ISO 40KF Photo of PTR18501.
PTR26000 Gauge Head, PKR251 Photo of PTR26000.
TCF 102 TCF102 Vent Control, 110/220-204V, 50/60Hz Photo of TCF102.
TCP 5000 Pfeiffer Vacuum TPC 5000 Turbo Pump Controller, 220V Photo of TCP5000.
TPC 040 Power Supply, TCP 040 Photo of TPC040.
TPH 1600 TPH 1600 Turbo Vacuum Pump, DN200 ISO Photo of TPH1600.
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PFA 38202 Angle Valve EVB 016 PA, 24V (F-No.= 44033973) Photo of PFA38202.
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PM E21 027 -T Repair Kit 1 for TMH/U 1601 and TMH/U 1600 Ring for information.
UTW 001 UTW Control Photo of UTW001.
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EHE-SPEC-1153 Gauge Head, Transducer Federal Products Corp Photo of EHESPEC1153.
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