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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
Siedel,  Siemens,  Sierra Instruments,  Sigma,  Signal,  Signatone,  Signet, 
Signetics,  Silicon Glen,  Siliconix,  Silitec,  Simco,  Sitest Limited, 
Skan-A-Matic,  SKF,  Skinner Electric,  Slo-Syn,  Sloan Technology,  SMB,  SMC,  Smile, 
Smith HH,  SNFA,  SNR,  Socapex,  Solectron,  Solid State,  Solitron Devices, 
Sonalert,  Sony, 

NLSW-2 Airflow Controller, used in EHV110, 110V, 40-60Hz Photo of NLSW2.
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1 LA5060-4AB20-Z Motor, 3 phase 230/380V 50/60Hz Photo of 1LA50604AB20Z.
1P6ED10521FB000BA0 SIEMENS Logo Logik Module, AC115 / 120V, 230/240V, 4x Relay, 8A Just In: Photo on request.
3RH1131-1BB40 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, 690V, 1 aux. contact, 6A, DIN rail mounting Just In: Photo on request.
3RV1021-1FA10 Circuit Breaker, Sirius 3R, 50/60Hz, 3,5-5A Photo of 3RV10211FA10.
3TB46 17-0A Contactor, 220-250VAC coil, 3phase, 1 aux, 63A, 660V Photo of 3TB46170A.
3TX6506-0C Filter, suppression, R/C, 0.47uF/22R (22ohms), 264V, 50/60Hz Photo of 3TX65060C.
3UA59 00-1C Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 1.6-2.5A, with auxiliary contacts, DIN rail mounting Photo of 3UA59001C.
3UA59 00-1E Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 2.6-4A, with auxiliary contacts, DIN rail mounting Photo of 3UA59001E.
3VE1 020-2J Circuit Breaker Photo of 3VE10202J.
3VE1 020-2K Circuit Breaker Photo of 3VE10202K.
3VU9135-1AB03 Busbar, 3way 9-Pole Photo of 3VU91351AB03.
3VU9135-1AB04 Busbar, 4way 12-Pole Photo of 3VU91351AB04.
5 SN 1 G 10 A Circuit Breaker, 1 Pole , G 10 A, 220/380v, 10A, 5 SN 1 Photo of 5SN1G10A.
5 SN 1 G 4 A Circuit Breaker, 1 Pole, G 4 A, 220/380v, 4A, 5 SN 1 Photo of 5SN1G4A.
5 SN 1 G 40 A Circuit Breaker, 1-Pole, G 40A, 380V, DIN Rail Mounting, 40A Photo of 5SN1G40A.
5 SN 1 N G16A Circuit Breaker, Din Rail Mounting, 220/380V, 240/415V, N G16A Photo of 5SN1NG16A.
5 SN 3 Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 16A, 3-Pole Photo of 5SN3.
5 SN 3 C 16A MCB 16A Triple Pole Type C, DIN Rail Mounting, C16 A Photo of 5SN3C16A.
5 SN 3 G 10 A Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, G 10 A, 220/380v, 10A, 5 SN 3 Photo of 5SN3G10A.
5 SN 3 G 25 A Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, G 25A, 5 SN 3, 380v Photo of 5SN3G25A.
5 SN 3 G 4 A Circuit Breaker, 3 Pole, G 4 A, 220/380v, 4A, 5 SN 3 Photo of 5SN3G4A.
5 SN 3 G 40 A Circuit Breaker, 3-Pole, G 40A, 380V, DIN Rail Mounting, 40A Photo of 5SN3G40A.
5 SX43 Circuit Breaker, C20 3-Pole Photo of 5SX43.
5SB 25 10A Fuse, Cartridge Photo of 5SB2510A.
5SB231 Fuse, 6A 500V Photo of 5SB231.
5SE2 225 Fuse 25amp, Neozed DO2 Photo of 5SE2225.
6EP1311-1SH02 Power Supply, 100-240VAC, out 5V/3A. Photo of 6EP13111SH02.
6ES5 400-7AA13 Simatic S5-110 E/I Photo of 6ES54007AA13.
6ES5 410-7AA11 A/O Simatic S5-110 Photo of 6ES54107AA11.
6ES5 900-7AD11 Simatic S5-110A ZB/CPU Photo of 6ES59007AD11.
6ES5 930-7AA31 Simatic S5-110A SV/PS Photo of 6ES59307AA31.
7PU2020 20-1AH22 Relay, Time delay, 6secs, 110VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 220VAC@3A, DIN rail mounting modified to Octal Photo of 7PU2020201AH22.
90A3022287 Capacitor, Tantalum, 4.7uF, 20v, axial. Photo of 90A3022287.
B4111-B7228-T Capacitor, 40V 2200uF for EKS110 (replacement for B4901525P7) Photo of B4111B7228T.
B43555-K2108-T Capacitor, 1000UF 250V Photo of B43555K2108T.
BP095202 / 5NZ4055 Unit, UV Ignition 4.5 KW Photo of BP0952025NZ4055.
G1A Circuit breaker, G1A, 1-pole, 220/380V, 5 SN 1 Photo of G1A.
G4A Circuit breaker, 1-pole, 5 SN 1 Photo of G4A.
LN1-E100 Kit, Lug (30-100 A ) Photo of LN1E100.
N G 16 A Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 16A, 3-Pole Photo of NG16A.
N G 6A Circuit Breaker, N G 6A, 1-pole, 220/380v, 5 SN 1 Photo of NG6A.
NG32A Circuit breaker, 1-pole, 5 SN 1, Photo of NG32A.
W G 32A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 32A, 380v Photo of WG32A380V.
WN G 10A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 10A, 380v Photo of WNG10A380V.
WN G 4A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 4a, 380v Photo of WNG4A380V.
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S1430 Mass Flow Controller 0-0.5 SLPM Air. Side Trak 3 Photo of S1430.
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191TE1C1-5S Relay, 5VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 250mA@175V, DIL base Photo of 191TE1C15S.
20-3450D200-F1.2 Motor, Stepper, Photo of 203450D200F12.
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A41-175-28 Transformer, 230/115v input, 14-0-14V (28VCT) 6.25A Photo of A4117528.
DPC-12-2000 Transformer, 230/115v input, 12.6V/2A or 6.3v 4A output Photo of DPC122000.
DPC-16-1500 Transformer, 230/115v input, 16V/1.5A or 8v 3A output Photo of DPC161500.
DPC-34-700 Transformer, 115/230v input, 34v, 700mA output Photo of DPC34700.
HT4617 Transformer, 115/230v input, 12v output KAS Photo of HT4617.
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S-725-SLM Signatone Position GR Photo of S725SLM.
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3-8010-D Mount, universal, DIN, for Compak transmitter Photo of 38010D.
P51530-V0 Rotor-X flow sensor PVDF 1/2" - 4" Photo of P51530V0.
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40.0045 Right Angle Prism 19.1mmx19.1 mm 91509254310072-E Photo of 400045.
74F373N IC, Octal transparent latch Photo of 74F373N.
82LS135N IC, 256 x 8 TTL PROM Photo of 82LS135N.
ADC0809CCN IC, Analog to Digital converter Photo of ADC0809CCN.
DM74LS253N IC, Dual 4 bit mutiplexer, tri-state outputs Photo of DM74LS253N.
PLS105AN IC, Field programmable logic sequencer (16 x 48 x 8) Photo of PLS105AN.
PLS153N IC, Programmable Logic Arrays (18 x 42 x 10) Photo of PLS153N.
PLS157N Fuse, Programmable Logic Sequencer, 6 Registered o/ps Photo of PLS157N.
SE 556 IC, Dual timer Photo of SE556.
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812065 Cable, Quiktest Stage Photo of 812065.
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DG 303BP IC, CMOS Analog Switch Photo of DG303BP.
DG300ABK IC, Dual Spst Cmos Switch 15V 14-DIL Photo of DG300ABK.
SD5000N IC, DMOS Quad FET Switch 16-DIL Photo of SD5000N.
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SIL 9505 Ceramic Ring Photo of SIL9505.
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4000115 Static Eliminator Air Gun 10000V Model H164G s/n 019001 Photo of 4000115.
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10-0047-00 Spring, Pusher ASECO Photo of 10004700.
10-0085-03 Pin, Gate ASECO S150 Photo of 10008503.
10-0087-02 Spring, cover, ASECO S150 Photo of 10008702.
10-0095-00 Link, lower Singulator ASE Photo of 10009500.
10-0110-00 Solenoid, Mount Testsite S Photo of 10011000.
10-0145-00 Tube, Top pivot ASECO Photo of 10014500.
10-0146-00 Tube, bottom pivot, ASECO Photo of 10014600.
10-0150-00 Link, Q Actuator Photo of 10015000.
10-0159-00 Manifold, Vacuum input ASECO Photo of 10015900.
10-0167-00 Shaft, crank assembly ASECO Photo of 10016700.
10-0169-00 Solenoid, Singulator ASECO Photo of 10016900.
10-0172-00 Link, Singulator, Aseco S150 Photo of 10017200.
10-0173-02 Pivot, Singulator, Aseco S150 Photo of 10017302.
10-0214-00 Lever, Singulator ASECO S150 Photo of 10021400.
10-0220-02 Cover, Lower chute, Testsite Photo of 10022002.
10-0228-02 Mount, Singulator ASECO Photo of 10022802.
10-0267-01 Clamp, Gate Assy. ASCEO Photo of 10026701.
10-0308-00 Belt, Output binner ASECO Photo of 10030800.
10-0312-00 Motor, Actuator ASECO, 1.9A, 4.2VDC, 200RPM Photo of 10031200.
10-0314-00 Guide, rear binner assembly Photo of 10031400.
10-0329-02 Cover, Front Track, Testsite Photo of 10032902.
10-0340-00 Pin, Crank shaft S150 Photo of 10034000.
10-0344-01 Gate assembly, Left front ASEC Photo of 10034401.
10-0345-01 Gate assembly, Right rear, ASEC Photo of 10034501.
10-0373-00 Nut, Rod end, Right hand ASECO Photo of 10037300.
10-0448-00 Gasket, Contact Assembly ASECO Photo of 10044800.
10-0450-00 Heater Element S150 Photo of 10045000.
10-0458-02 Plate, Spring Cover Aseco SI5 Photo of 10045802.
10-0465-00 Photoswitch, Pusher Assy Photo of 10046500.
10-0478-00 Spring, Track Locator ASECO Photo of 10047800.
10-0604-00 Clamp, Escapement Photo of 10060400.
10-0605-00 Hook, Escapement Photo of 10060500.
10-0606-01 Frame, Escapement Photo of 10060601.
10-0615-00 Cover, Track top S150 Photo of 10061500.
10-0619-01 Chute, Upper ASECO Photo of 10061901.
10-0652-01 Block, mount LH S150 Photo of 10065201.
10-0653-01 Block, mount RH S150 Photo of 10065301.
10-0655-00 PCB, RAM Aseco SI150 Photo of 10065500.
10-0724-00 Sensor, optical, ASECO Photo of 10072400.
10-0726-00 Sensor, Door ASECO Hall Photo of 10072600.
10-0730-00 Sensor, optical, Assembly ASECO Photo of 10073000.
10-0733-00 Sensor, Smartey Module, Photo-controller Assy. Photo of 10073300.
10-0748-02 Bucket, Binner S150 Photo of 10074802.
10-0750-00 Mount, Pivot binner ASECO SI5 Photo of 10075000.
10-0811-00 Cap, blower housing, S150 Photo of 10081100.
10-0825-00 Shaft Blower Assembly ASE Photo of 10082500.
10-0910-00 Pulley, Loader S150 Photo of 10091000.
10-0954-01 Cover Contacts S150 ASECO Photo of 10095401.
10-0961-00 Tube, contact air assembly, ASECO Photo of 10096100.
10-0962-05 Bearing, Escapement ASECO Photo of 10096205.
10-0991-00 Flexible Polymide heater, 97 ohms with cable S150 DEFR Photo of 10099100.
10-1009-00 Gasket, contact assembly Photo of 10100900.
10-1045-01 Heater strip, Long defrost Photo of 10104501.
10-1059-00 Disc, Timing ASECO Photo of 10105900.
10-1060-01 Valve, Nitrogen, 24V, 15W, Photo of 10106001.
10-1137-00 Heater, Defrost Air ASECO Photo of 10113700.
10-1201-00 Spring, Upper Chute Singulator Photo of 10120100.
10-1214-00 Clamp, Mount Singulator AS Photo of 10121400.
10-1215-01 Block, Singulator ASECO S150 Photo of 10121501.
10-1216-00 Clamp, Input Singulator AS Photo of 10121600.
10-1217-00 Bracket, ASECO Photo of 10121700.
10-1232-00 Track Extension, input ASECO Photo of 10123200.
10-1241-00 Spring, Rear converyor Photo of 10124100.
10-1264-02 Pin, Lower Escapement S150 Photo of 10126402.
10-1275-00 Bracket, Lower Escapement SI5 Photo of 10127500.
10-1276-01 Stop, Singulator Testsite Photo of 10127601.
10-1347-01 E Support Lower chute S150 Photo of 10134701E.
10-1357-00 Heater, short output ASECO Photo of 10135700.
10-1461-00 Cam, Binner door ASECO S150 Photo of 10146100.
10-1659-00 Blade, Binner Aseco S150 Photo of 10165900.
10-1719-02 Insert, Wear Plate Input T Photo of 10171902.
10-1747-00 Cable and head Assy. IONIS Photo of 10174700.
10-1856-02 REV-E Socket, IC, 52-pin Adesco SI Photo of 10185602REVE.
30-0006-00 Shaft, Blower ASECO S150 Photo of 30000600.
30-0134-00 Roller, ejector guide Photo of 30013400.
30-0813-00 Pulley, large, E SI30 Photo of 30081300.
30-1828-01 Pulley, small, ASECO Photo of 30182801.
30-2995-01 Pulley, large ASECO Photo of 30299501.
30-3336-00 Plenum Top (30-0959-01) Photo of 30333600.
4528072EO1 PCB, Driver, Cold Temp 50 Photo of 4528072EO1.
708-101 Phototransistor OP805 ASE Photo of 708101.
708-201 LED, Infrared Photoemitter, OP133 Aseco SI5 Photo of 708201.
708-202 LED, infrared, F5D1, 880 nm, narrow angle, TO-46 package. Photo of 708202.
708-303 Sensor, optical. index DETE Photo of 708303.
712-001 Sensor, RTD ASECO Photo of 712001.
712-523 Heater, Air, S150 240V ASEC Photo of 712523.
719-901 Bushing, Feedthrough Ceramic Photo of 719901.
719-902 Cover, terminal, ceramic ASECO Photo of 719902.
800-008 Bearing, 2mm BORE .250 OD 0.078/0.25x0.175 Photo of 800008.
800-009 Bearing, RAM S150 0.1875/0.375x0.125 Series 6632 Photo of 800009.
800-026 Bearing, Flanged S150 0.125/0.25x0.14 Ext. 418 Photo of 800026.
800-501 Rod, End R/hand ASECO Binner Photo of 800501.
800-502 Bearing, rod end, L/hand, ASECO Binn Photo of 800502.
800-503 Rod, End R/hand ASECO Photo of 800503.
800-504 Rod, End L/hand ASECO Photo of 800504.
800-705 Ring, Retainer SI30 BIN Photo of 800705.
800-801 Bearing, Slide binner ASEC Photo of 800801.
801-008 Ring, Retaining, blower assembly Photo of 801008.
801-309 Ring, Retaining, blower assembly Photo of 801309.
801-319 Ring, C type blower shaft Photo of 801319.
802-003 Spring, tension, T/Track Sing ASECO Photo of 802003.
802-005 Spring, tension, Singulator return Photo of 802005.
802-007 Spring, Pusher return Photo of 802007.
802-010 Spring, Singulator Aseco S150 6" Wafer Holder Photo of 802010.
802-401 Spring, Output Binner S150 Photo of 802401.
802-702 Spring, ASECO Photo of 802702.
802-703 Spring, gates ASECO Photo of 802703.
802-707 Spring, shuttle Aseco Photo of 802707.
802-712 Spring, Torsion shuttle Photo of 802712.
802-907 Washer, Wavy, RAM S150 Just In: Photo on request.
802-908 Spring, Flat pusher Binner Photo of 802908.
809-002 Ball stud receiver, ASECO Photo of 809002.
809-003 Ball, Stud 0-447 Long ASEC Photo of 809003.
812-004 O-Ring, 4.5x1.45, brown Silicone RAM S150 Photo of 812004.
812-201 Seal, blower assembly, ASECO Photo of 812201.
814-201 Blower Wheel Aseco S150 Photo of 814201.
816-601 Belt, Binner Drive ASECO, 83.5X6mm, 255 3M Photo of 816601.
816-604 Belt, Conveyor Drive Aseco, 35 Teeth, 145x6mm, Neoprene Photo of 816604.
817-002 Belt, Leader Aseco, 78.7x12.7 Photo of 817002.
834-202 Boot Silicone Aseco S150 Photo of 834202.
906-06-9-1 Pin, Binner ASECO S150 Photo of 9060691.
909-06-8-1 Pin, split dowel (pin, roll) Singulator ASECO Photo of 9090681.
B-11763 Solenoid, Inker Photo of B11763.
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L33107 0137 Sensor, Thru-beam, Skanamatic Type L331 Photo of L331070137.
L34040 Automation Control Device Photo of L34040.
S27344 Sensor, Theta (rotary) RS-50 Optical Photo of S27344.
S32251 Scanner Optical Fibre (Fiber) S30 Series S 32251 Photo of S32251.
S32254 Scanner Photo of S32254.
S32255 Scanner Optical Fibre (Fiber) S30 Series S 32255 Photo of S32255.
T32521 Sensor Photo of T32521.
T3521 Automation Control Device Ring for information.
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29326 E Bearing Photo of 29326E.
4327952 Bearing, Bush LBAS 8-2LS ( LBAS82LS) Photo of 4327952.
6001-2RS1 Bearing, 12/28x8 with Dual Rubber Shield Photo of 60012RS1.
624-2Z Bearing, 4/13x5 Series 624 2Z Photo of 6242Z.
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LC2-RAB4150DC2 Valve, 24VDC Photo of LC2RAB4150DC2.
V52DB1125 Valve, Solenoid 115V Photo of V52DB1125.
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M061-LS08 Motor, stepper, 1.2V, 3.8A, 200steps/rev. Photo of M061LS08.
M093-FF-411C2006 Motor, Stepper, TFM, 4.5v, 3.0A, 200 steps/rev. Photo of M093FF411C2006.
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01196-25FT Cable, Assy, Ion Collector, 25ft Photo of 0119625FT.
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S6800ZZ Bearing. 10/19x7 ZZ Twin Shields Ring for information.
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Part No. not known Switch, Pressure SMC Photo of Part No. not known.
0-160 PSI Gauge, 0-160psi, 0-11 bar. Photo of 0160PSI.
4629337 Ejector VAC GEN SMD MOD Photo of 4629337.
4F110-08 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC 1.5-9.9Kgf/cm2 Photo of 4F11008.
AR2000 Air regulator fittings Photo of AR2000.
AS200 Speed Controller Photo of AS200.
CQ2B16-15D Cylinder, 16x15 double actuating Photo of CQ2B1615D.
DXT 192-10-5A Air regulator fittings Photo of DXT192105A.
HEC200 W-2-X2 Thermo-Con Temperature Controller Photo of HEC200W2X2.
HEC200 W-2-X5 Temperature Controller Just In: Photo on request.
ISE1-01-18 Switch, Pressure type ISE1-01-18 Photo of ISE10118.
MXS6-10AS Pnematic Air table slide Photo of MXS610AS.
NVJ114A-5LOZ Valve, solenoid, 24VDC Photo of NVJ114A5LOZ.
NVZ110 Valve, Solenoid 24V DC, 9515 REV AD-023 NUPRO Photo of NVZ110.
NZM052HT Generator VAC 4052 Photo of NZM052HT.
VF3-130-3DZ-02 Valve, Solenoid Photo of VF31303DZ02.
VZ110-5MN-M5 Valve, solenoid, (Temescal) Photo of VZ1105MNM5.
VZ3120 Valve, solenoid, AT4600 Photo of VZ3120.
VZ3140 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 1.5-7Kgf/cm2 Photo of VZ3140.
VZ3240 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 1-7Kgf/cm2 with various mono-blocks, c/w leads Photo of VZ3240.
VZ5120 Valve, solenoid, 12VDC Ring for information.
VZ5120-6MNZ-01 Solenoid, SMD VAC MOD Photo of VZ51206MNZ01.
ZH10D S-06-06-08 Ejector, Vacuum Photo of ZH10DS060608.
ZSE1-00-15 Sensor, VAC 4070 (Vacuum switch) 12-24V Photo of ZSE10015.
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CA7646SLE Monitor, 15.5" (100-240VAC, 6/50Hz, 1.5A) (S/N=IV0570313) Just In: Photo on request.
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2626 Standoff Ceramic 3.000x1 OD 1/4-20THD Photo of 2626.
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VEX6 7CE1 T Bearing, Matched Pairs 6/17x6 EX6 7CE1 Photo of VEX67CE1T.
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NU.209.E.G15 Bearing, roller, 45/85x20 Photo of NU209EG15.
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451-02E-12-10S50 Socket, Female 10way Photo of 45102E1210S50.
451-02E-12-3P Plug, 3way, (female) Photo of 45102E123P.
451-02E-12-3S Socket, Female 3way Photo of 45102E123S.
451-02E-14-19S Socket, Female 19way Photo of 45102E1419S.
451-06EC-12-10P Plug, 10way Photo of 45106EC1210P.
451-06EC-12-3P Socket, male 3way Photo of 45106EC123P.
451-06EC-12-3S Socket, Female 3way Photo of 45106EC123S.
451-06EC-14-19P Socket, Male 19way Photo of 45106EC1419P.
FMDR 14V Plug, 4way, Female, Fitting to SL FMD SL FFD Type 30 47379 +SL BMR 14V Photo of FMDR14V.
SLFMD 14V Connector, 4way, male, for SL FMD type 10 47377 N 93-21 Photo of SLFMD14V.
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UAV 51495 Y' packing - rubber seal Photo of UAV51495.
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40182000 Motor, Spin SCE156, 24V, 6A, Torque Const. 5.7 Photo of 40182000.
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MR-375-875-2 AL Resistor, 50R (50ohm), Uncoated Photo of MR3758752AL.
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SC628A Sounder, Mallory, 8840 1A B29014 Photo of SC628A.
SC628P Mallory 6-28VDC, 6-26MA Ring for information.
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5927557EO1 Internal Beige Floppy Disk Drive for PC, MFU",PC,MPF920,5927557EO1,,,SKU 966967,SWISSSTEP,2P2-04,2,0.00,0.00,0.00,,ZC 05 Ring for information.
CPD-200SFT Monitor, 15.5" Trinitron Multiscan 200sf (100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 2-1A) (S/N=6903083) Just In: Photo on request.
MPF920 IC/5 Replacement Floppy Disk Drive 035013, E/131, 720K Photo of MPF920.
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