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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Spares from: 
Swagelok,  Swiss Step,  Switchcraft,  Sylvania,  Synchroflex,  Synchrostar, 
Syquest,  Syrelec,  Systematic, 

304-24-XOA Adaptor, O-Ring DES ASH Ring for information.
321-24-X-1 Hose, polyurethane, red, 1/8"odx1/16"id,100ft Ring for information.
381823 RK65X25H Fitting Photo of 381823.
6LV-4-VCR-3-4TB3 VCR fitting Photo of 6LV4VCR34TB3.
B-8MO-6-6M Fitting Photo of B8MO66M.
MS-SOL-1K Valve, solenoid, Electro-pneumatic, 24VDC Photo of MSSOL1K.
NY-300-SET Ferrule Photo of NY300SET.
R17CL0547 Ferrule Photo of R17CL0547.
R3AHFC008B Solenoid, kit DC 24V Photo of R3AHFC008B.
RBACK0007 Feedthrough, bulkhead Photo of RBACK0007.
SS-200-SET Ferrule Photo of SS200SET.
SS-300-set Ferrule Photo of SS300set.
SS-30062 Fitting Photo of SS30062.
SS-4-VCO-4 Nut, 1/4 VCO Female Ring for information.
SS-4-VCR-1 Nut, 1/4 VCR Female Photo of SS4VCR1.
SS-4-VCR-2-BL Gasket, VCR blank Photo of SS4VCR2BL.
SS-4-VCR-2-GR Gasket, VCR Photo of SS4VCR2GR.
SS-4-VCR-4 Nut, 1/4 VCR Male Photo of SS4VCR4.
SS-4-VCR-6-DM 316 SS VCR Face Seal Fitting, 1/4 in. Double Male Union Body Just In: Photo on request.
SS-4-WVCR-6-400 Straight Fitting Photo of SS4WVCR6400.
SS-4-WVCR-6-DF Fitting Photo of SS4WVCR6DF.
SS-400-3TMT Tee, SWAG 1/8"SS 400-3 TMT Ring for information.
SS-400-6 Fitting Photo of SS4006.
SS-400-61 Feedthrough, bulkhead Photo of SS40061.
SS-400-SET Ferrule, R1AEU0053 Photo of SS400SET.
SS-4BK-V51-1C Valve, SC 11 Clean Photo of SS4BKV511C.
SS-600-6 Fitting Photo of SS6006.
SS-600-9 Elbow, Fitting Photo of SS6009.
SS-6HO-6-S6 Short union hose 3/8 tube x 3/8 tube Photo of SS6HO6S6.
SS-6M-O3 Tee fittings Ring for information.
SS-6VCO-3 VCO fitting Photo of SS6VCO3.
SS-8BK-K5 Tip, DES StemSS-8BK-K5 Photo of SS8BKK5.
SS-8VC-O36-TA VCO fitting Photo of SS8VCO36TA.
SS-9254-0 Valve, Thermco WATER COOLIN Ring for information.
SS-GMOP Nut Photo of SSGMOP.
SS-SA-SA Valve, Needle for SSZBMV Ring for information.
T-400-SET Ferrule Photo of T400SET.
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0003-1-0918 PCB Photo of 000310918.
678-0622-002 PCB, C2 Multibus Converter Photo of 6780622002.
681-0116-027 PCB, ISBX 311 Analog Input Photo of 6810116027.
878-0624-002 PCB, CH 1-4 Photo of 8780624002.
878-0634-002 PCB, Flow Controller Photo of 8780634002.
878-0636-003 PCB, DC/DC Converter Photo of 8780636003.
878-0638-001 PCB, MOD SBC 429 Assembly Photo of 8780638001.
C-0280-0000-0 Window Diode Photo of C028000000.
C-0651-0002-0 Switch, Rectangular Momentary Photo of C065100020.
C-0653-0002-0 Lamp, 14VDC mm Photo of C065300020.
C-0653-0003-0 Lamp, 28VDC 6mm Photo of C065300030.
C-0843-0002-0 RMX 28-D Power Supply 28V Photo of C084300020.
C-0870-0005-0 Lamp, 24V for main Photo of C087000050.
C-5405-0001-0 Sensor, Vacuum Monitor Photo of C540500010.
C-5410-0001-0 Fitting, for Dia. 3 Photo of C541000010.
C-5410-0015-0 Fitting, for DIA.5 Photo of C541000150.
C-5460-0701-0 Lens 1 Collector 02 Photo of C546007010.
C-5533-0002-0 Grub screw, spring loaded ball, slot head Photo of C553300020.
E 1234-0001-4-0069 PCB, Flip Mirror Photo of E1234000140069.
E-0904-0001-1 PCB, Sensor Interface Photo of E090400011.
E-0906-0001-1 PCB, Interface Analog Photo of E090600011.
E-0907-0001-1 PCB, Interface Power Board Photo of E090700011.
E-0908-0008-2 PCB, RAM 8K CMOS Photo of E090800082.
E-0943-0001-1 PCB, CAZ Preamplifier Photo of E094300011.
E-0943-0008-1 PCB, CAZ Preamplifier Photo of E094300081.
E-0970-0001-2 RO9 DC Motor system, E097000012 Photo of E097000012.
E-0987-0005-1 Motor, Stepper, Compl. Photo of E098700051.
E-0997-0001-2 PCB, Power Supply Board 250VDC Photo of E099700012.
E-0998-0001-1 Relay unit Photo of E099800011.
E-1013-0001-5 Ignition Unit Photo of E101300015.
E-1016-0001-1 Initiator Connector Photo of E101600011.
E-1028-0004-1 Chuck, Temp Control Photo of E102800041.
E-1036-0002-1 PCB, Quad Analog Output Photo of E103600021.
E-1078-0001-5 Preamp Avalanche Diode Photo of E107800015.
E-1078-0003-1 Rack Avalanche Diode Preamplifier Photo of E107800031.
E-1105-0003-1 PCB, Memory Board Photo of E110500031.
E-1170-0004-3 RO4 DC Motor system Photo of E117000043.
E-1170-0009-3 RO9 DC Motor system, E097000012 Photo of E117000093.
E-1218-0002-1 PCB, Controller Photo of E121800021.
E-1224-0001-2 PCB, CPU 3 Photo of E122400012.
E-1228-0002-1 DF Avalanche Diode Photo of E122800021.
E-1232-0001-4 PCB, Controller Power Photo of E123200014.
E-1233-0001-2 PCB, Controller Power Photo of E123300012.
E-1237-0003-1 Gauge, Y1/Y2 Photo of E123700031.
E-1237-0007-1 Tesa GT22 Inductive Axial Movement Gauge Heads Photo of E123700071.
E-1237-0008 Tesa GT22 Axial Movement Gauge Photo of E12370008.
E-1237-0010-1 Tesa GT22 Inductive Axial Movement Gauge Head Photo of E123700101.
E-1239-0001-3 PCB, Laser Transducer IF Photo of E123900013.
E-1270-4601-1 PCB, Fast Pulse Conve. Photo of E127046011.
E-1270-4701-1 PCB, Comparator X Photo of E127047011.
E-1270-4801-1 PCB, Comparator Y Photo of E127048011.
E-1340-0002-2 PCB, Bus Converter Photo of E134000022.
E-1343-0002-1 PCB, CPU VMPH 6BKB Photo of E134300021.
E-1344-0004-1 PCB, Memory VMEM Photo of E134400041.
E-1353-0001-2 Edge Detector Photo of E135300012.
E-1369-0001-1 Window Diode Photo of E136900011.
E-1372-0001-4 Signal Analyser SA3 Photo of E137200014.
E-1376-0001-1 PCB, Quad Analog Output Photo of E137600011.
E-1381-0001-1 Rack WIndow Photo of E138100011.
E-1408-0001-1 PCB, Binary Interface Photo of E140800011.
E-1412-0001-1 PCB, DC/DC converter Photo of E141200011.
E-1418-0001-1 Motor Controller Rep 1 Photo of E141800011.
E-1418-0002-1 Motor Controller Rep 2 Photo of E141800021.
E-1418-0003-1 Motor Detector Rep 3 Photo of E141800031.
E-1418-0004-1 Motor Detector Rep 4 Photo of E141800041.
E-1428-0003-1 Motor, for Framing Photo of E142800031.
E-1500-0001-2 Signal Processing IF Photo of E150000012.
E-9128-0015-1 Cable, Y1 Photo of E912800151.
E-9183-0001-1 Cable, High Voltage Photo of E918300011.
E-9201-0001-1 Cable, Acboard-wafer Photo of E920100011.
E-9246-0007-1 Cable, Triple Gauge Photo of E924600071.
E-9246-0008-1 Cable, Triple Gauge Photo of E924600081.
E-9246-0009-1 Cable, Triple Gauge Photo of E924600091.
E-9246-0010-1 Cable, Triple Gauge Photo of E924600101.
E-9259-0001-1 Cable, Pick and Place Photo of E925900011.
E-9298-0001-1 Cable, quad DC-motor Photo of E929800011.
E-9298-0002-1 Cable, quad DC-motor Photo of E929800021.
E-9298-0003-1 Cable, Quad DC motor Photo of E929800031.
E-9298-0004-1 Cable, Quad DC-Motor Photo of E929800041.
E-9333-0001-1 Cable, ITT Cannon DE 115339 Photo of E933300011.
E5090900031 PCB Photo of E5090900031.
R04 5202 RO9 DC Motor system, R04 5202 (PCB) Photo of R045202.
S-0011-0002-1 Fine Drive Z2.Z3 Photo of S001100021.
S-0088-0301-1 Reticle Librairy Pul Photo of S008803011.
S-0107-0001-1 Gear box 1:30 Photo of S010700011.
S-0322-0001-2 Shutter Photo of S032200012.
S-0378-0002-3 Autocabrilation Fiel Photo of S037800023.
S-0452-0101-1F Filter, UV (Cond O2) Photo of S045201011F.
S-0456-0602-2 Filter, Main Condenser Photo of S045606022.
S-0914-0001-2 Detector Wafer Baumer Electric FZD 25N1001 Photo of S091400012.
S-1511-0202 Gear Photo of S15110202.
S-1562-0801-2 Detector Exentric Photo of S156208012.
S-1564-0006-1 Diode, DF Photo of S156400061.
S-1567-0002-2 D Prism Photo of S156700022.
S-1573-0005-2 Arm Illuminator D.F. Photo of S157300052.
S-1573-0007-3 Arm Illuminator D.F. Photo of S157300073.
S-1573-0008-2 Arm Illuminator D.F. Photo of S157300082.
S-2210-6005-1 Spring, for Latch Photo of S221060051.
S-2343-0001-1 Spindle for Prealignment Photo of S234300011.
S-2345-0001-1 Spindle for Prealign Photo of S234500011.
S-2348-0001-1 Gear, for Prealigner Photo of S234800011.
S-2370-0002-2 Elevator Input With Motor Photo of S237000022.
S-2370-7011 Elevator Arm Photo of S23707011.
S-2371-0701-1 Elevator Arm Photo of S237107011.
S-2371-1001-1 Spindle for Elevator Photo of S237110011.
S-2371-1001-20 Spindle for Shuttle Photo of S2371100120.
S-2375-0001-1 Detector Cassette Left Photo of S237500011.
S-2375-0002-1 Detector Cassette Right Photo of S237500021.
S-2539-0001-3 Motorcable Y Stage Perkin Elmer Censor Photo of S253900013.
S-2553-0003-1 Waffle Chuck Photo of S255300031.
S-2555-0004-1 Waffle Chuck Photo of S255500041.
S-2646-0001-1 Valve, Thermo Controlled Photo of S264600011.
S-2650-0001-1 Lower Beam Splitter Photo of S265000011.
S-2658-0001 Actuator Photo of S26580001.
S-2672-0001-3 Spindle for Detector Photo of S267200013.
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EN3C3F Socket, Male, Cable Mounting, 3way IP68, 7.5A Photo of EN3C3F.
EN3C3M Plug, female, Cable Mounting, 3way IP68 Mini, 7.5A Photo of EN3C3M.
EN3C5F Socket, Male, Cable Mounting, 5way IP68, 7.5A Photo of EN3C5F.
EN3P3F Plug, Female, Panel Mounting 3way IP68 Mini, 7.5A Photo of EN3P3F.
EN3P3M Plug, Panel 3way IP68, 7.5A Photo of EN3P3M.
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F4T5/D Lamp, Fluorescent, 4W, 6" Photo of F4T5D.
H44GS-100 Lamp, Mercury, Par 38 100W, screw base Photo of H44GS100.
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150XLO37 Belt, toothed, L=15" x 75 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 150XLO37.
361 Belt, toothed, width 10mm Photo of 361.
866 Belt, toothed Photo of 866.
T2.5/182 Belt, toothed, L=182mm x 73 teeth, W=6mm Photo of T25182.
T2.5/200 Belt, toothed, L=200mm x 80 teeth, W=10mm Photo of T25200.
T2.5/230 Belt, toothed, L=230mm x 92 teeth, W=6mm (HR table) Photo of T25230.
T2.5/265 Belt, toothed, L=265mm x 106 teeth, W=6mm (awl) Photo of T25265.
T2.5/285 Belt, toothed, L=285mm x 114 teeth, W=6mm (HR Table X) Photo of T25285.
T2/160 Belt, toothed, L=160mm x 80 teeth, W=4mm (UL90 kit) Photo of T2160.
T2/220 Belt, toothed, L=220mm x 110 teeth, W=6mm Photo of T2220.
T2/280 Belt, toothed, L=280mm x 140 teeth, W=6mm Photo of T2280.
T5/1075 Belt, toothed, width 10mm Photo of T51075.
T5/200 Belt, toothed, L=200mm x 40 teeth, W=6mm Photo of T5200.
T5/330 Belt, toothed Photo of T5330.
T5/900 Belt, toothed, L=900mm x 180 teeth, W=6mm Photo of T5900.
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105MXL Belt, toothed, L=8.4" x 105 teeth, W=1/4" Photo of 105MXL.
120XL Belt, toothed, L=12" x 60 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 120XL.
140XL037 Belt, toothed, L=14" x 70 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 140XL037.
152XL037 Belt, toothed, L=15.2" x 76 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 152XL037.
260XL037 Belt, toothed, L=26" x 130 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 260XL037.
300XL037 Belt, toothed, L=30" x 150 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 300XL037.
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SQ555 Dual Tape Drive, 44 Megabyte Photo of SQ555.
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24655A1317 Relay, Time delay, 1-10secs, 24-240VAC/DC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 5A@250VAC, Din rail mounting, TRK Photo of 24655A1317.
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CIRCUIT BOARD PCB, Status indicator Photo of CIRCUITBOARD.
CIRCUIT BOARD 2 PCB, Count display dump RIS Photo of CIRCUITBOARD2.
DRC/M/N2 Nozzle + Adaptor DUMP RINS Photo of DRCMN2.
DRC/M/PC Controller, Pneumatic Dump Photo of DRCMPC.
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