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RTC Systems offers pre-owned and refurbished equipment for use in the manufacture or processing of
semiconductors, protective coatings, ophthalmics and precision optics.

Balzers Vacuum Spares - Series: 
B,   BB,   BD,   BG,   BGD,   BGG,   BGM,   BK,   BN,   BP,   BPV,   BU,   N  
Balzers Union: UB Series

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B Series
  B 014x xxx - 3xxx xxx Various Parts
  B 4001 xxx - 4009 xxx Bearings & Bushes
  B 4070 xxx O-Rings
  B 4071 xxx Large O-Rings
  B 4074 xxx Very Large O-Rings
  B 407x xxx Seals
  B 408x xxx Seals
  B 409x xxx Various Parts
  B 41xx xxx Pipe Fittings & Solenoid Valves
  B 42xx xxx Pumps, Motors, Spindles & Compressed Air Components
  B 43xx xxx Gears
  B 45xx xxx Wire & Cable
  B 46xx xxx Various Electrical Parts
  B 47xx xxx Plugs, Connectors, Switches, Microswitches, Relays & Knobs
  B 48xx xxx Potentiometers, Resistors, Resistance Boxes etc.
  B 49xx xxx Capacitors & Condensors
  B 50xx xxx Lamps, Diodes, Rectifiers & Transistors
  B 51xx xxx Motors, Transformers & Power Supplies
  B 52xx xxx Counters, Meters, Power Regulators & Measuring Instruments
  B 68xx xxx Lamps
  B 73xx xxx Sight Glasses
  B 74xx xxx Flow Meters
  B 80xx xxx Electron Microscopy Consumables
BB Series
  BB 012 xxx - BB 390 xxx Various Parts
BD Series
  BD 480 xxx - 484 xxx Consumables (Oil, Liners & Foil etc.)
BG Series
  BG 202 xxx - 595 xxx Controllers, Sub-Controllers & Components thereof
BGD Series
  BG D03 xxx - 28 xxx Gauge Controllers
BGG Series
  BG G01 xxx - 15 xxx Gauge Heads
BGM Series
  BG M01 xxx - 15 xxx Controllers & Sub-Controllers
BK Series
  BK 202 xxx - 384 xxx Electron Beam Gun Parts
BN Series
  BN 720 xxx - 846 xxx Various Parts
BP Series
  BP 210 xxx - 418 xxx Vacuum Construction & Other Parts
BPV Series
  BP V0x xxx - 4x xxx Vacuum Valves
BU Series
  BU 011 xxx Consumables
N Series
  N 3015 xxx Set screws with hex head
  N 3016 xxx Bolts with hex head
  N 3050 xxx Pan-head screws with slot head
  N 3052 xxx Cheese-head screws with slot head
  N 3059 xxx Cap-head screws with hex socket head
  N 3060 xxx Bolts with hex socket head
  N 3111 xxx Countersunk screws with slot head
  N 3202 xxx Grub screws with slot head and point-end
  N 3204 xxx Grub screws with slot head and dog-end
  N 3208 xxx Grub screws with hex socket head and cup-end
  N 3211 xxx Grub screws with hex socket head and dog-end
  N 3407 xxx Half nuts
  N 3415 xxx Full nuts
  N 3457 xxx Dome nuts
  N 3502 xxx - 3508 xxx Washers
  N 3565 xxx Dowel pins
  N 3570 xxx Split tension pins
  N 3801 xxx Keys
  N 3828 xxx Internal circlips
  N 3829 xxx External circlips
  N 3830 xxx Spring rings
  N 3833 xxx Circlips - E-shaped
  N 3843 xxx Domed washers
  N 3857 xxx Drive belts
  N 3872 xxx Drive chains
  N 4001 xxx Single race ball bearings
  N 4008 xxx Double race ball bearings
  N 4010 xxx Single race roller bearings
  N 4030 xxx Axial single race ball bearings
  N 4083 xxx - 4084 xxx Shaft seals
UB Series
  UB 003 xxx Various

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